Friday, November 1, 2013

Meath athletics board 2013 convention.

The Convention of the Meath Athletics County Board will take place on Wednesday 4th December 2013 at 8.00 pm sharp in Claremont Stadium, Commons Road, Navan.
  Nominations Form.  Motions and Nominations for the Convention should be forwarded to Philip Cogavin before Friday 8th November 2013 in order to facilitate timely dissemination to all Clubs in advance of the Convention.  Motions received after this date will not be accepted for consideration.  Motions regarding competition are not proper to the business of the convention and should be raised at a Competition Committee meeting.
 Please note that following on from motions passed at the 2006 Convention there may only be one President appointed.  The office to be held for one term only.  This office to be filled from amongst nominations received from clubs, such nominations having being considered by a committee set up for such purpose who will recommend one name from amongst those nominated to the Convention for appointment as President.
 A significant number of Officers are stepping down this year, and I would appeal to all clubs to consider putting forward one from amongst their own members for consideration for one or more the posts. Please ensure that all those being put forward as officers or postholders are aware, and have consented, to their names being put before the Convention.Motions being put forward for Convention will be considered by a Standing Orders Committee convened for such purpose, in advance of the Convention.  The members of the Standing Orders Committee for this AGM will be appointed at the November County Board meeting.
Nominations and Motions should be sent to: Philip Cogavin,SecretaryMeath Athletics County Board, 3 The Grove, Earls Meadow, Ballivor, Co. Meath  Or preferably emailed to

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