Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 4 Meath championships

Meath Athletics Relay Championships

Claremont Stadium, Navan

Wednesday 18th May 7pm

U/09 Girls 4x100m Relay
U/09 Boys 4x100m Relay
U/11 Girls 4x100m Relay
U/11 Boys 4x100m Relay
Junior Girls 4x100m Relay
Junior Boys 4x100m Relay
U/13 Girls 4x100m Relay
U/13 Boys 4x100m Relay
U/15 Girls 4x100m Relay
U/15 Boys 4x100m Relay

Senior Ladies 4x100m Relay
Senior Men 4x100m Relay

U/10 Girls 4x100m Relay
U/10 Boys 4x100m Relay
U/12 Girls 4x100m Relay
U/12 Boys 4x100m Relay
U/14 Girls 4x100m Relay
U/14 Boys 4x100m Relay
U/16 Girls 4x100m Relay
U/16 Boys 4x100m Relay

Sen Ladies Medley Relay 2x200,400,800
Sen Men Medley Relay 2x200,400,800

Athletes may move up one age group only to compete, with
the exception of U9 relays where only U9's may compete

Meath AAI Championships 2011 Day 2 May 8th 2011 Claremont Stadium

Meath AAI Championships 2011

Day 2 May 8th 2011 Claremont Stadium Navan

Track Events Field Events

9.00am U/18 Girls Javelin
10.45am Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies & Men Steeple Chase U/18 Boys Javelin
11.00am U/9 Girls 60m Heats U/16 Girls Javelin
U/10 Boys 60m Heats U/16 Boys Javelin
U/11 Girls 60m Heats U/14 Girls Javelin
U/12 Boys 60m Heats U/14 Boys Javelin
U/13 Girls 60m Heats
U/13 Boys 60m Heats
U/14 Girls 80m Heats 11.00am U10 Girls Ball Throw
U/14 Boys 80m Heats U/9 Boys Ball Throw
Finals of 60m & 80m U/12 Girls Ball Throw
U/11 Boys Ball Throw
U/15 Girls 100m Heats
U/15 Boys 100m Heats
U/16 Girls 100m Heats 11.00am Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies Long Jump
U/16 Boys 100m Heats Jun/Sen/Mas Men Long Jump
U/18 Girls 100m Heats U/9 Girls Long Jump
U/18 Boys 100m Heats U/10 Boys Long Jump
12.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 100m Heats U/11 Girls Long Jump
Jun/Sen/Mas Men 100m Heats U/12 Boys Long Jump
Finals of 100m U/14 Girls Long Jump
U/14 Boys Long Jump
U/9 Boys 500m U/13 Boys Long Jump
U/10 Girls 500m U/16 Girls Long Jump
U/11 Boys 600m U/16 Boys Long Jump
U/12 Girls 600m

U/18 Girls 400m 11.00am U/13 Girls Shot
U/18 Boys 400m U/12 Boys Shot
U/13 Boys Shot
1.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 400m U/15 Girls Shot
Jun/Sen/Mas Men 400m U/15 Boys Shot
U/18 Girls Shot
U/14 Girls 1500m U/18 Boys Shot
U/14 Boys 1500m
U/15 Girls 1500m 10.00am U/11 Boys High Jump
U/15 Boys 1500m U/12 Girls High Jump
U/16 Girls 1500m U/13 Boys High Jump
U/16 Boys 1500m U/14 Girls High Jump
U/18 Girls 1500m U/15 Boys High Jump
U/18 Boys 1500m U/16 Girls High Jump
U/18 Boys High Jump
2.15pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 1500m
Jun/Sen/Mas Men 1500m 1.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Men High Jump

2011 Meath T&F EVENTS

Meath Track & Field Championship Events
Event U9 (born 2003) U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 U18 Jun Sen Mas
60m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
80m Yes
100m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
60mH Yes Yes
75mH Yes
80mH Yes Girls
100mH Boys Girls Ladies Ladies Ladies
110mH Boys Men Men Men
200m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
400m Yes Yes Yes Yes
500m Yes Yes
600m Yes Yes Yes
800m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1500m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3000m Yes Yes Yes
1500mS/C Yes Yes Yes
Walk 1500m Yes Yes Yes
Walk 3000m Yes Yes Yes
Ball Throw Yes Yes Yes Yes
Long Jump Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Jump Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shot Putt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Javelin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hammer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Triple Jump Yes Yes Yes
Wt for Dist Yes Yes Yes
Relays 4*100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medley Relay Yes

Note the Meath Junior Senior & Masters 800 takes place on Day 2 of the Inter Club T&F League

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meath Athletics Board promotes Junior, Senior and Masters Invitational Steeplechase over 1,500m
in conjunction with Meath Track & Field Championships 2011 Starting at 10.45am - Sunday 8th May 2011 in Claremont Stadium, Navan

All interested athletes should contact Philip Cogavin, Secretary, Meath Athletics directly in advance.

Philip.cogavin@gmail.com or 087 293

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Club Development Workshop

Athletics Ireland is delighted to announce that it will be hosting a Club Development Workshop on Saturday 14th of May at the Athlone Institute of Technology from 10am to 4pm.
The objective of the workshop is to assist in the development and growth of your athletic club. The workshop is aimed at all who are involved or interested in the running or governance of an athletic club.
The event will be opened by CEO John Foley. Guest speakers, Eamonn Coghlan (1983 World 5000m Champion) and John Delaney (CEO FAI) will discuss the central role that the club plays in sport.

Four core one hour workshops will also take place on the day.
·         Club Development, Registrations & Keeping Teenagers in Clubs
·         Club Fundraising, Sponsorship & P.R.
·         Competition Road Racing & Permits
·         Child Welfare Garda Vetting & Code of Ethics
The cost of attending the workshops is €10 per person, which includes lunch and a participant’s information pack. To book a place log onto www.athleticsireland.ie or contact Deirdre Marley on 01- 8869933

Friday, April 15, 2011

Patrick Bell Memorial 5k Road Race and Fun Run

About the event

Patrick Bell, the late clubman a dedicated club member from the running tracks to the meeting room. He died tragically in the summer of 1985 in the month of August following a traffic accident, whilst returning home from Cork having competed in the National track championships. He was only 25 years and his loss to his family club and community left a void that can never be filled. The following summer the first Patrick Bell memorial road race over 10k took place with a modest 50 taking part. The event for almost 20 years was a very high quality road race which it still remains with some of the best athletes in the country taking part and winning the event. Since 2001 the promotion has linked with various charaties to help create greater awareness and raise vital funds for their association. This years event is in aid of Whistlemount Alzheimers day care centre at Liscartan Kells road Navan

The course

The country run and walk takes in a very gentle view of the local area, starting at Bohermeen school and McLoughlins house where in October 1969 the present structure of the club was reformed. The late Patrick Bell for who the event is in memory of is buried in Bohermeen cemetery just beside the start. The route travels 1500mts to Greetiagh cross roads a slight but effective rise over the opening mile, along the way it passes the old athletic hall and school house from 1870s and Mrs Burkes old thatched house now long gone. At Greetiagh cross roads it passes the old RIC barracks burned in the 1920s and also McHughs public house. The route heads to Bohermeen bog cross roads close to the local plantation, home of many a bog man in his time. Then the course again goes left and back to the finish at the community centre past the old Langans quarry and not a stone remains. The final mile is very flat and is ideally suited to all level of runner and indeed walkers sharpening the toes for the finish line.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road Relays decided at Bohermeen

Bohermeen AC hosted the Meath road relays from their clubhouse along the
Ardbraccan road on Wednesday night. The relay stages were over four
different distances, a half mile, mile , mile and a half and two miles.
There was good competitive action and friendly rivalry among the clubs
taking part. The race date was brought forward from its previous June date
this yearand it was generally agreed that the new date will serve clubs and athletes
well in the early season 5km races.

The county athletics board thank Bohermeen AC for organising the event.

Road Relays Women
1,Dunshaughlin: Ursula Byrne ,Linda Fahy ,Shauna Moran, Shauna Moore.
2,St. Brigids :Gillian Hawdon, Mary Masterson, Karen Crean, Elaine Plunkett.
3,Trim; Claire Smith, Ann Tobin, Laura Cotter, Maureen Lowther.

Road Relays Grade A
1-Dunboyne A; Michael Cornyn, Morgan McDonagh, Luke Forde, Rory McDonnell.
2-Bohermeen A; Conor Rennicks , David O'Connell, Derek Croal ,Darragh
Rennicks .
3-St. Brigids A ;Thomas O'Reilly, Eamon Fitzsimons, Robert Caffrey, Gerard

Road Relays Grade B men
1-Dunshaughlin A; Brendan Dunne, Ciaran O'Dwyer, Domo Moran, Thomas Moran.
2-Trim A; Shane Aston, Dermot Leonard, Don Mahon, Ronan Moore.
3-St. Brigids B;David Briody, Laurence Briody, Martin Briody, Eoin McNamee.

Road Relays Grade C

1-Bohermeen B; Shane Fox, Tony Walsh, Dermot Clarke, Dermot Farrelly.
2-Trim B; CiaranTobin, Quinton Burke ,John Doyle, Declan Swords.
3-Dunboyne B; Eddie Reid, Ray Mitchell ,Tom Fallon, Aidan Keegan.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


 Hundreds of young athletes from the Meath area secondary schools took part in the Meath Athletics Board schools track and field championships at Claremont stadium last Friday. The event increases in popularity each year and is a good indicator of perfomance and form in advance of the busy provincial school championship events during April and May.

Bridget Clarke and Maggie Higgins, development officers with Meath Athletics Board ackowledge the assistance of schools PE departments, the Sports Development Project, Martin & Michael Heery, Paddy Mangan, Tony Ennis and Tom Clinton in staging this event.


Boys U14 100m:
1.    Ben McEnteggart St Patrick Classical Navan; 2. Godwin Nyerko Ashbourne CS; 3.Hakamin St Peters College Dunboyne.

Girls U14 80m:
1.    Niamh Hetherinton Dunshaughlin; 2. Rihanna McCabe Boyne CS; 3. Laura Grant Scoil Mhuire Trim.

Boys U15 100m:
1.    Stephen Duffy Dunshaughlin CS; 2. Sean Hendrick St Olivers Oldcastle; 3. Conor Flannigan Ashbourne CS.

Girls U15 100m:
1.    Laura Henegan Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. Ciara Henegan Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. Belinda Joshua St Josephs Mercy Navan.

Boys U17 100m:
1.    Conor Doran St Peters College Dunboyne; 2. Matt Connolly Ashbourne CS; 3.Niall Flannigan Ashbourne CS.
Girls U17 100m:
1.    Darlene McDonnell Sacred Heart Drogheda; 2. Ciara Grant St Josephs Mercy Navan; 3. Laura Dempsey Scoil Mhuire Trim.

Boys U19 100m:
1.    Eamonn Wallace Ratoath College; 2. Daniel Doran Ashbourne CS; 3. Graham Jordan Ratoath College.

Girls U19 100m:
1.    Karen Dunne Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. Emma Foley Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. Clare Carton St Peters College Dunboyne.

Boys U14 500m:
1.    Patrick O Hanlon Ratoath College; 2. Jack Byrne Dunshaughlin; 3. Alex O Reilly St Peters College.

Girls U14 500m:
1.    Ellan Matthews Our Ladys College; 2. Alison Jones St Peters College; 3. Eilbhe Bailey Ashbourne CS.

Boys U15 800m:
1.    Jack McGowan Boyne CS; 2. Conor Redmond St Marys Diocesan; 3. Luke O Brien St Marys Diocesan.

Girls U15 800m:
1.    Ashling O Hare Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. Sarah Armstrong Eureks Kells; 3. Isobel Fox St Peters College.

Boys U17 800m:
1.    Andrew Coscoran St Marys Diocesan; 2. Gavin Maher Dunshaughlin; 3. Josh McDonnell Ratoath College.

Girls U17 800m:
1.    Amy McTeggart Our Ladys College; 2. Alison Daluy Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. Emma Troy Scoil Mhuire Trim.

Boys U19 800m:
1.    Eamonn Wallace Ratoath College; 2. Eric Lowdness St Peters College; 3. Thomas Moran Kells CS.

Girls U19 800m:
1.    Karen Blaney     St Josephs Navan; 2. Catriona Kennedy Dunshaughlin; 3. Diana Adams St Peters College.

Boys U14 1100m:
1.    Ciaran McCarthy Ratoath College; 2. Kean Crocock St Patricks Classical; 3. Brian Conlon St Patricks Classical.

Girls U14 1100m:
1.    Rebecca Matthews Our Ladys College Drogheda; 2. Amy Coyne St Peters College Dunboyne; 3. Megan Smith Scoil Mhuire Trim.

Boys U15 1500m:
1.    Brian McGrath St Patricks Classical; 2. Ronan Jones St Peters College; 3. Lui Shine Kells CS.

Girls U15 1500m:
1.    Niamh Gallogly Dunshaughlin CS; 2. Delmantia St Peters College Dunboyne; 3. Valerie Machkova St Josephs Convent Navan.

Boys U17 1500m:
1.    Andrew Coscoran St Marys Diocesan; 2. Conor Rennicks Kells CS; 3. Gavin Maher Dunshaughlin CS.

Girls U17 1500m:
1.    Caoimhe Moore Dunshaughlin CS; 2. Laura Farrell Athboy CS; 3. Kirsty McDonnell Sacred Heart Drogheda.

Boys U19 1500m:
1.    Thomas Moran Kells CS; 2. Brian O Connor Ratoath College; 3. Sean Kearney St Peters College.

Girls U19 1500m:
1.    Grainne Whelan Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. Jane McCormack St Peters College Dunboyne; 3. Janette Elliot Kells CS.

Boys U14 4x100m Relay:
1.    Ashbourne CS; 2. St Particks Classical Navan; 3. Dunshaughlin CS

Girls U14 4x100m Relay:
1.    Dunshaughlin CS; 2. Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. Our Ladys College Drogheda.

Boys U15 4x100m Relay:
1.    St Patricks Classical Navan; 2. St Marys Diocesan Drogheda; 3. Dunshaughlin CS.

Girls U15 4x100m Relay:
1.    Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. Greenhille Drogheda; 3. St Peters College Dunboyne.

Boys U17 4x100m Relay:
1.    St Peters College Dunboyne; 2. Dunshaughlin CS; 3. Ratoath College.

Girls U17 4x100m Relay:
1.    St Peters College Dunboyne; 2. Our Ladys College Drogheda; 3. Scoil Mhuire Trim.

Boys U19 4x100m Relay:
1.    Ratoath College; 2. St Peters College Dunboyne; 3. St Patricks Classical Navan.

Girls U19 4x100m Relay:
1.    Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. St Josephs Convent Navan; 3. Our Ladys College Drogheda.

Boys U14 Long Jump:
1.    Keith Marks Ashbourne CS 5.02; 2. Shane Joyce Ashbourne CS 4.89; 3. Ben McEnteggart St Patrick Classical 4.82.

Girls U14 Long Jump:
1.    Sofia Maguire Scoil Mhuire Trim 4.24; 2. Grainne Curran Scoil Mhuire Trim 4.22; 3. Aisling O Flynn Loreto St Michaels 4.16.

Boys U15 Long Jump:
1.    Jack O Connor Ashbourne CS 5.45; 2. Shane Comiskey St Peters College 5.08; 3. Daragh Costigan St Peters College 5.04.

Girls U15 Long Jump:
1.    Cara Usher Dunshaughlin 3.98; 2. Anfisa Speranskaya Ashbourne CS 3.90; 3. Ruth Quinn Loreto St Michaels 3.65.

Boys U17 Long Jump:
1.    Conor Doran St Peters College 5.96; 2. Niall Flannigan Ashbourne CS 5.59; 3. Sean Mkandla St Peters College 5.43.

Girls U17 Long Jump:
1.    Aoife O Neill St Peters College 4m66; 2. Bronagh Fanning Our Ladys College 4m40; 3. Alison Daly Scoil Mhuire Trim 4m34.

Boys U19 Long Jump:
1.    Dean Donlen St Marys Diocesan 6.26; 2. Graham Jordan Ratoath College 6.03; 3. Michael Thompson St Peters College 5.85.

Girls U19 Long Jump:
1.    Karen Blaney St Josephs Mercy Navan 4m92; 2. Karen Dunne Scoil Mhuire Trim 4m82; 3. Clare Carton St Peters College 4m60.

Boys U14 High Jump:
1.    Keith Marks Ashbourne CS 1.55m; 2. Mathew O Lendar St Peters College 1.45m; 3. Conor Brennan St Patricks classical 1.30m;

Girls U14 High Jump:
1.    Elizabeth Mooreland Dunshaughlin 1.45; 2. Amy Coyne St Peters College Dunboyne 1.35; 3. Sofia Maguire Scoil Mhuire Trim 1.30.

Boys U15 High Jump:
1.    Darragh Costigan St Peters College Dunboyne 1.63; 2.Aaron Eivers St Patricks Classical Navan 1.55; 3. Donald Kearns Dunshaughlin 1.50, Eric Donnelly St Patricks Classical Navan 1.50.

Girls U15 High Jump:
1.    Sandra Armstrong Eureka Kells 1.30m; 2. Emma Graham St Peters College 1.30m; 3. Monika Sauksciute Ashbourne CS 1.25m;

Boys U17 High Jump:
1.    Jamie Murtagh Ashbourne CS 1.82; 2. Conor Doran St Peters College Dunboyne 1.75; 3.Israel Omorjor St Patricks Classical Navan.

Girls U17 High Jump:
1.    Amy McTaggart Our Ladys College 1.66; 2. Emily Rogers Our Ladys College 1.63; 3. Leah Kelly Boyne CS Trim 1.45.

Boys U19 High Jump:
1.    Michael Thompson St Peters 1.75; 2. Shane Aston The Boyne Trim 1.70; 3. Rory Dunne St Peters 1.65.

Girls U19 High Jump:
1.    Emma Foley Scoil Mhuire Trim 1.45; 2. Clare McLernon Scoil Mhuire Trim 1.40; 3.Clare Carton St Peters College 1.50.

Boys U14 Shot Putt:
1.    Charlie McGarry St Patricks Classical 12.33; 2. Charlie Bird Boyne CS 11.76; 3. Godwin Myarko Ashbourne CS 11.67.
Boys U15 Shot Putt:
1.    Garath Kelly Ashbourne CS 10.55; 2. Peter Bernard Dunshaughlin 10.20; 3. Shane Comiskey St Peters College Dunboyne 10.00.

Girls U14 Shot Putt:
1.    Lauren Finnegan Our Ladys College Drogheda 9.19; 2. Emma Coffey Scoil Mhuire Trim 8.32; 3. Aoife Byrne St Peters College Dunboyne 7.27;

Girls U15 Shot Putt:
1.    Kelly Brady Kells CS; 2. L Nixon St Peters College Dunboyne; 3. Katie Oliver Eureka Kells.

Girls U17 Shot Putt 4kg:
1.    Niamh Lister St Josephs Convent Navan; 2. Emily Bowe Ashbourne CS; 3. Roisin Falcher St Peters College Dunboyne.

Boys U17 Shot Putt:
1.    David Filip St Peters College Dunboyne 10.39; 2. Rory Kileen St Peters College Dunboyne 9.51; 3. Kevin O Driscoll Ratoath College 9.45.

Boys U19 Shot Putt:
Davy O Leary St Peters College 11.60; 2. Alex Miklausikos St Patricks Classical 10.65; 3. Enna Brennan Dunshaughlin CS 9.79

Girls U19 Shot Putt:
1.    Heather O Shea St Peters College Dunboyne 6.49; 2. Lorraine McCann Dunshaughlin CS  6.45; 3. Louise Griffin Dunshaughlin CS 5.83.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Read all about it

Robert Caffrey and Turlough Conway have written two reports about the county hill running championship race at Mullaghmeen on the Irish Mountain Running Association website. You can also see the results sheet on the IMRA site. Note that Gavin Maher and Ciara Rooney both completed the race, Gavin was 1st Meath registered junior male and Ciara was 2nd Meath registered junior female, Linda Gunning was 1st W50.

Race Reports here

Pictures can be viewed here

Meath hill running categories (provisional)

Meath Hill Running Championships

Men Senior; 1, Gerard Heery, St Brigids AC; 2,Neville Reilly, Dunboyne AC;
Tommy Maher, Dunshaughlin AC.

M40; 1,Gerard Heery, St Brigids;2, Tommy Maher, Dunshaughlin AC;3,David O

Junior Men;1, Gavin Maher, Dunshaughlin AC, 2, Conor Daniel, Trim AC,

M50; 1, Paddy Mangan, Dunshaughlin AC. M60;1,Eddie Reid, Dunboyne AC.

Women Senior

1,Karen O Hanlon, Dunboyne AC, 2,Sharon Monaghan, Fr  Murphy; 3, Shauna
Moore, Dunshaughlin AC.

W40, Ursula Byrne, Dunshaughlin AC.  W 50; 1, Linda Gunning, Bohermeen AC.

Junior Women, 1, Shauna Moore, Dunshaughlin AC, 2, Ciara Rooney, Navan AC.

Hill Run open category

Open Category Men

1, Gerard Heery, St Brigids AC; 2, Cian O Reilly, Annallee AC; 3, Neville
Reilly, Dunboyne AC.

Open Category Women

1,Eadaoin O Reilly, Annallee AC; 2,Karen O Hanlon, Dunboyne AC, 3,Sharon
Monaghan, Fr  Murphy AC.

Meath Hill Running 2011

The Meath Hill running championships took place at Mullaghmeen Forest near
Oldcastle on Sunday. The host club St Brigids AC set out a five kilometre
trail which took the runners to the cairn which marks the highest point of
counties Meath and Westmeath. The popularity of this event has grown from
modest numbers over the past five years to this years one hundred
participants. Many of those taking part had never been involved in hill or
trail running before. They were rewarded with a fine running experience and
good competitive action. Course director Gerard Heery from the host club, St
Brigids AC took top spot again this year and in so doing emerged as the
winner of the Irish Mountain Running Association spring league series as
well as county champion. In the womens race Cavan youngster Eadaion O Reilly
was the top finisher overall while the county title went to Karen O Hanlon
from Dunboyne AC.