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Greenanstown......A place in the Sun

Star of the Sea AC

Star of the Sea AC held their 25th Annual Cross Country Meeting on September 22nd 2013 in perfect conditions on the hills of East Meath last Sunday. This year while the number competing in the junior senior and masters races were down somewhat all the juvenile races saw improved fields of athletes so much so that last year’s record attendance of just over 800 was easily broken – this was helped also by the Indian summer weather that we experienced over the weekend.

 Once again the course on the land of Mary and Brendan Meade provided a great test of cross country running. The club would like to thank all the helpers and club members who beforehand set up the course and on the day work so hard to make the event the success that it is. Thanks is due to all at the tea tent who quenched our thirst on a beautiful day by making five hundred and eighty mugs of tea along with countless sandwiches, buns, scones. Thanks is also due to the scorekeepers, recorders and officials who help make the programme run so smoothly and lastly the club would like to thank all the travelling athletes and their families who travel from as far apart as North Monaghan and South Kildare to make the event the spectacle it is.

This year represented the 25th running of the cross country meeting and to mark the occasion the club presented the original organising committee with a plaques to commemorate the occasion. The plaques were presented by President of Meath Athletics Seamus Brady (Dunboyne AC) to Winnifred Collier, Joe Monks, Niall Delany, Ann & Colm Hanley, Margaret & Jim Berrill, Marie & Richard Brennan, Lorcan Murphy and John Smith.

Photos have been posted tot he Star of the Sea AC Facebook page.



U9 Girls 500m 1st Ruth Gillespie Ardee & District AC
2nd Roisin McManus Tara AC
3rd Molly O’Connor Dunshaughlin AC
4th Deirdre Quinn Mount Pleasant AC
5th Ciara O’Brien Blackrock AC
6th Laura Kelly Ratoath AC

Teams 1st Ardee & District AC 26pts
2nd Glenmore AC 35pts
3rd Boyne AC 75pts

U9 Boys 500m 1st Eoin Lawlor Naas AC
2nd Ardin Magee Naas AC
3rd Jack Donegan Tullamore Harriers AC
4th Aaron Breen Star of the Sea AC
5th Eoin Kane Ratoath AC
6th Blake Kennedy Dunleer AC

Teams 1st Naas AC 10pts
2nd Mullingar Harriers AC 30pts
3rd Star of the Sea AC 37pts

U10 Girls 500m 1st Grace Fitzpatrick Dunleer AC
2nd Amy Doherty Ratoath AC
3rd Caer Ni Gibne Boyne AC
4th Hannah Breen Crookstown Millview AC
5th Olivia Hall 3 Ways AC
6th Ellen Coleman Crookstown Millview AC

Teams 1st Dunshaughlin AC 42pts
2nd Blackrock AC 49pts
3rd Ardee & District AC 56pts

U10 Boys 500m 1st Charlie O’Connor Dunshaughlin AC
2nd John Finnerty Tara AC
3rd Peter Casey Eire Og
4th Patrick Farrell Dunleer AC
5th Lorcan Dunne Naas AC
6th Fionn Drummond Ratoath AC

Teams 1st Tullamore Harriers 41pts
2nd Star of the Sea AC 42pts

U11 Girls 1000m 1st Neasa Reilly Blackrock AC
2nd Katie Halpin Lusk AC
3rd Beatrice Drummond Mullingar Harriers AC
4th Aoife Rutherford Ratoath AC
5th Anna McArdle Glenmore AC
6th Doireann Ni Flatharta Dunboyne AC

Teams 1st Blackrock AC 30pts
2nd Tullamore Harriers AC 31pts
3rd Mullingar Harriers AC 34pts
U11 Boys 1000m 1st Conor Leane Dunboyne AC
2nd Colin Smyth Mullingar Harriers AC
3rd Mark Shaw Mullingar Harriers AC
4th Morgan Quigley Mount Pleaasant AC
5th Leon Sweeney Naas AC
6th Conaill Quinn Mount Pleasant AC

Teams 1st Mullingar Harriers AC 21pts
2nd Tullamore Harriers AC 42pts
3rd Tullamore Harriers AC 73pts

U12 Girls 1500m 1st Abbie Sheridan Ardee & District AC
2nd Eabha Stewart Naas AC
3rd Niamh O’Reilly Tullamore Harriers AC
4th Sally Murphy Naas AC
5th Emma Glynn Shercoock AC
6th Shelly Smith Mullinagar Harriers AC

Teams 1st Naas AC 14pts
2nd Mullingar Harriers AC 24pts
3rd Tullamore Harriers AC 47pts

U12 Boys 1500m 1st Ciaran Luby Mullingar Harriers AC
2nd Eoin Quinn Mullingar Harriers AC
3rd Jake Cullen Tara AC
4th Andrew Shaw Mullingar Harriers AC
5th Shane Smith Cushinstown AC
6th Niall Morland Cushinstown AC

Teams 1st Mullingar Harriers AC 7pts
2nd Tullamore Harriers AC 40pts
3rd Glenmore AC 43pts

U13 Girls 1500m 1st Susan Glennon Mullingar Harriers AC
2nd Danielle Donegan Tullamore Harriers AC
3rd Lauren Carey Naas AC
4th Molly Aspel Crookstown Millview AC
5th Elysia Green Mullingar Harriers AC
6th Kelly Breen Blackrock AC

Teams 1st Mullingar Harriers AC 17pts
2nd Tullamore Harriers 25pts
3rd Naas AC 28pts

U13 Boys 1800m 1st Brian Todd Tullamore Harriers AC
2nd Cathal Brennan 3 Ways AC
3rd John Whitelaw Mullingar Harriers AC
4th Jack Cleary Naas AC
5th Cian Casey Star of the Sea AC
6th Finn Reilly Dunleer AC

Teams 1st Mullingar Harriers AC 19pts
2nd Tullamore Harriers AC 28pts
3rd Naas AC 29pts

U14 Girls 2000m 1st Amy Clarke Na Fianna AC
2nd Sarah Clarke Na Fianna AC
3rd Shauna Campbell Dunleer AC
4th Nicola Duffy Dunboyne AC
5th Clare Rafter Tullamore Harriers AC
6th Andrea Brady Mullingar Harriers AC

Teams 1st Mullingar Harriers AC 25pts
2nd Glenmore AC 51pts

U14 Boys 2200m 1st Ruarcan O’Gibne Boyne AC
2nd Conor McHugh Mullingar Harriers AC
3rd Jack Moran Mullingar Harriers AC
4th Mark Milner Tullamore Harriers AC
5th Kacper Kapturkiewiez Tullamore Harriers AC
6th Adam Shaw Mullingar Harriers AC
Teams 1st Tullamore Harriers AC 18pts
2nd Mullingar Harriers AC 25pts
3rd Mullingar Harriers AC 29pts

U15 Girls 2200m 1st Alanna Bate Mullingar Harriers AC
2nd Grace Casey Eire Og AC
3rd Shauna Kerley Carrick Aces AC
4th Martha Reidy Fr. Murphy AC
5th Hannah Stewart Glenmore AC
6th Chloe Harte Tullamore Harriers AC

Teams 1st Mullingar Harriers AC 16pts
2nd Naas AC 33pts

U15 Boys 2500m 1st Daragh Drury Shercock AC
2nd Jarlath Jordan Tara AC
3rd Michael O’Dea Naas AC
4th Tadgh Leahy Glenmore AC
5th Evan McGee Naas AC
6th Fionn Reilly Glenmore AC

Teams 1st Glenmore AC 19pts

U17 Girls 3000m 1st Eimear Fitzpatrick Dundrum South Dublin AC
2nd Ruth Murphy Naas AC
3rd Roisin Crowe Crookstown Millview AC
4th Anna Cleary Naas AC
5th Niamh Crowe Crookstown Millview AC
6th Aine O’Connor Naas AC

Teams 1st Naas AC 12pts

U17 Boys 4500m 1st Jack O’Leary Mullingar Harriers AC
(Winner receives the Sean 2nd Shane Hughes Mullingar Harriers AC
Higgins Memorial Cup) 3rd Oisin Gibne Boyne AC
4th Alex Hunter Ratoath AC
5th Eoin Smyth Cushinstown AC
6th Gary Campbell Dunleer AC

Teams 1st Mullingar Harriers 10pts
2nd Ratoath AC 21pts
3rd Boyne AC 32pts

Star of the Sea AC Shield 1st Mullingar Harriers AC 68pts
(Presented to the best 2nd Naas AC 42pts

juvenile club) 3rd Tullamore Harriers AC 27pts

Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 Meath cross country regulations

Day 1 - Novice, Masters and Juvenile Even Ages - Sunday 6th October - 12 noon - Star of the Sea AC, Greenanstown, Stamullen.

Day 2 - Intermediate, Junior and Juvenile Uneven Ages - Sunday 13th October - 12 noon - Fr. Murphy AC, Fraine, Athboy

Day 3 - Senior Cross Country and Juvenile Relays - Sunday 3rd November - 12 noon - Bohermeen AC, Bohermeen

Please note that late entries or substitutions will not be allowed on the day of competition, and must be submitted to the Office before 1.00pm on the Friday before competition.

Athletes may count on only one team, and then only in the category in which they are entered.

All masters teams will be 3 to score. Masters competition commences at Over 35.

On Day 2 there is no Under 19 category. Under 19's compete as Junior.

All these can also be accessed at 

Meath Cross Country Regulations 2013



No entries or substitutions will be allowed on the day of competition. Late entries and substitutions will only be accepted by the Office before 1.00pm on the Friday before competition.


Any appeals, accompanied by a fee of €20.00 (refundable in the case of a successful appeal) must be submitted in writing within 20 minutes of the finish of the race to which they refer. Only Officers of the Club concerned may submit appeals.

All appeals will be dealt with on the day. The ruling of the Appeals Committee shall be final.

The Appeals Committee shall, in the first instance, be composed of the County Chairman, the County Secretary and the County Competition Secretary. In the case of a conflict of interest on any particular matter an alternate shall replace the conflicted member for the determination of that issue. The alternate shall be either Martin J. Heery or Paddy Mangan, as appropriate. In the event that any member of first instance is unavailable on the day of competition they shall be substituted by the Vice County Chairman, the County Treasurer or the County Registrar, as appropriate.


Juvenile athletes shall compete in their own age groups. Juvenile athletes may move up one age group to compete, except that juvenile athletes may not move up an age group in order to compete in Under 9 competition.

All juvenile teams shall comprise of a minimum of 4 scoring members in competition up to and including Under 14. In juvenile competition from Under 15 to Under 18 teams shall comprise of a minimum of 3 scoring athletes. Where there are less than 3 such scoring teams in a competition then the best scoring groupings of a lesser number of athletes may be awarded championship placings and medals.

In juvenile competition the first twelve finishing athletes in each competition shall qualify by right for the Meath county team in Leinster Cross Country Inter-County competition. A further 3 places on the Meath county team may be filled by athletes who, while not competing on the day, would, in the opinion of the juvenile selectors, be an asset to the overall team. If no such athletes exist then those athletes placing 13th, 14th and 15th in the Meath Cross Country Championships may be allocated places on the county team if sufficient places are available.

In the event of a county team qualifying for the National Cross Country Competition then the first ten finishing county athletes, whether on the county team or not, shall qualify by right for the Meath county team in National Cross Country Inter-County Competition.


Minimum age of athlete to be eligible: Under 17

Maximum age of athlete to be eligible: Under 20

Team Competition

Men’s and Women’s Competitions, teams of 3 scoring members.


Minimum age of athlete to be eligible: 18 yrs of age in the year of competition

Team competition

An athlete may only score on one team and then only in the category entered i.e Novice or Masters. Any given performance may only count for one category. An athlete may only count on a Novice team if entered as a Novice.

In Men’s Competition, teams of 4 scoring members.

In Women’s Competition, teams of 3 scoring members.


Minimum Age of athlete to be eligible: 20yrs of age in the year of competition

Team competition

In Men’s Competition, teams of 4 scoring members.

In Women’s Competition, teams of 3 scoring members.


Minimum age of athlete to be eligible: 16yrs of age in the year of competition

Team competition

Men’s Competition

Clubs can designate, before competing, whether they are in "A" or "B" event. "A" event, 4 to count, "B" event, 3 to count. No limit on number of runners competing.

In absence of declaration then Club designated as "A".

A Club may only compete in either ‘A’ or ‘B’, not both.

Women’s Competition

Teams of 3 scoring members.


Minimum age of athlete to be eligible: Over the age of 35 on the day of competition

Team Competition

An athlete may only score on one team and then only in the category entered i.e Novice or Masters. Any given performance may only count for one category. An athlete may only count on a Masters team if entered as a Master.

Overall Masters Competition

Minimum age of athlete to be eligible: Any eligible Master may score.

In Men’s Competition teams of 3 scoring members.

In Women’s Competition, teams of 3 scoring members.

Over 50 Masters Competition

Minimum age of athlete to be eligible: Over the age of 50 on the day of competition

In Men’s Competition teams of 3 scoring members.

In Women’s Competition, teams of 3 scoring members.

Athletics Leinster training courses

thletics Leinster is currently looking to line up 3 different Training Courses over the coming months.
Firstly, our Officials Training Course has been booked for the Claremont Stadium, Navan on Friday the 11th of October 20136.30pm to 9.30pm. Can all those who previously expressed an interest and indeed anyone else who may now wish to take this course please complete the attached Registration Form and return to myself - thanks.
Secondly, we are currently looking to confirm a date for our Starter and Starter Assistants Course (we are looking at one of three Saturday's in November 2013), which will be aimed at beginners and held in Tullamore. This Starter and Starter Assistants course will be followed by an advanced AAI Starter and Starter Assistants course either later this year or in early 2014.
Finally, we are looking at organising a Training Course for anyone interested in Photo Finish / Electronic Timing. If you or someone in your Club who would benefit from any of these courses please let me know & I will add same to my list - thanks.
Yours in Sport,
Martin J Heery

Ratoath 5km

Details of the Ratoath AC 5km here including registration details, course and location

Na Fianna AGM

Na Fianna A.C. held their A.G.M. in the parish meeting room in Enfield on Wednesday 11th Sept. 

Officers elected were: Honorary Presidents Fr. Fay and Noel Collins, Presidents Oliver Cooney and Fr. Whittaker, Chairperson Margaret Higgins, Assistant Jean Daly, Secretary Lena Heffernan, Treasurer Brigid Clarke , Assistant  Timmy Gorman, Registrar Hilary Maye, P.R.O. Cathy Daniel, Child Officers Aideen Synnott and Paddy Farrell (Enfield,) Derek Fahey and Pauline Clarke (Kill). 

Training will continue in Kill on Tuesdays 7.30pm - 8.30 pm, Enfield Monday 7 - 8pm  training will commence for high jump in St Patricks Hall Enfield on the 25th Sept, seniors juniors and masters  x/country training sessions will be decided later.The Meet and Train groups will be meeting on Thursdays 7-8pm

There will be a demonstration by Neil Kennedy on M.R.I.P. strength and conditioning boards for anyone interested in developing their training skills further on Wednesday 18th Sept. 7 - 9pm in Baconstown Hall.

Votes of sympathy were expressed for the family of the late Tess Farrell R.I.P. may she rest in peace.
Cathy Daniel
Na. Fianna A.C. P.R.O. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Level 3 Coaching CALL

AAI Level 3 (IAAF Level IV) course will commence in October 2013. Deadline for applications is Friday September 20th 2013.
The Level 3 course builds on the experiences of Level 2 & works with the coach on the development of performance coaching, providing coaches with advanced level instruction in their chosen event.
As with Level 2, the Level 3 syllabus includes event specific elements, but more of the common core elements are now studied with a specific application to the event group context. The Level 2 course is designed to be an introduction to performance coaching for coaches, whilst the Level 3 course is targeted at those who are actively coaching high performance athletes, particularly the coaches working with the Youths & Juniors on the HP Panel.
Coaches will specialize in one of the following event areas:
• Sprints & Hurdles
• Endurance & Race Walking
• Jumps
• Throws
On completion of the Level 3 course coaches will be able to identify and coach high level and advanced competition models for their specific event or events. They will also be expected to be able to plan and implement macrocycles of training for high level athletes within the context of a multi-year plan. The coach will also be expected to be able to plan and implement a series of appropriate training sessions within the context of an annual training plan. These plans should lead to the achievement of potential, elite performance and competitive results.
Entry to Level 3 is open to coaches who have completed and passed their Level 2 and have been actively coaching at a high level for at least one year. Priority on the course will be given to those coaches working with HP athletes. On completion of the course, there will be both practical and written exams.
Coaches who attend the full course and pass all the assessments will be awarded with AAI Level 3 and IAAF Level 4 Coaching Certificates. As this course will be delivered by IAAF and AAI Tutors, it will follow the duration and content as set forth by the IAAF.
·         13 days
·         5 days of theory common to all event areas:
·         Weds October 30th to Sunday November 3rd 2013
·         8 days (divided into 5 days and 3 days) of event specific work, assessments & exams
·         Weds February 19th 2014 to Sun February 23rd and 3 final days TBC
·         Coaches will also be assessed applying the knowledge in a training and a competition environment outside the course hours.
·         Cost: €500
Registered AAI Coaches to apply by sending a Coaching CV and Letter of application by email with ‘LEVEL 3 APPLICATION’ in the subject line please….to Jacqui Freyne, Director of Coaching Development

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coach training AAI Northeast region

Date                  Event                        Venue                                    Time                                   Contact                                    
Saturday     Athletic Leader          Faugh’s GAA Clubhouse           9am to 5pm             Bart Rogers 0872696577                       To apply on-line
7th Sept                                       Wellington Lane Templeogue                                                                                    
                                                   Dublin 6                                          

Saturday     Athletic Leader          Scoil Ui Mhuiri Dunleer              9am to 5pm             Bart Rogers 0872696577                        To apply on-line
14th Sept                                      Co Louth                                                                                                                  

Saturday     Athletic Leader          Flemington Community Centre   10am to 6pm           Bart Rogers 0872696577                        To apply on-line
21st Sept                                     Hamlet Lane, Balbriggan                                                                                             
                                                  Co Dublin

Saturday     Athletic Leader          Cushinstown AC Clubhouse        9am to 5pm            Bart Rogers 0872696577                        To apply on-line
28th Sept                                     Kilmoon Cross Ashbourne                                                                                         
                                                  Co. Meath

Fri/Sat        Level 1                      Donore Harriers Chapelizod        Fri 6 to 9pm            Bart Rogers 0872696577                         To apply on- line
4th/5thOct                                      Dublin                                      Sat 9am to 5pm                                                         
11/12th Oct                                                                                   4 day course

Fri/Sat        Level 1                      Lourdes Stadium Drogheda        Fri 6 to 9pm            Bart Rogers 0872696577                         To apply on-line
18/19th Oct                                   Co Louth                                   Sat 9am to 5pm                                                         
8th/9th Nov                                                                                     4 day course

Fri/Sat       Level 1                       Claremont Stadium Navan          Fri 6 to 9pm            Bart Rogers 0872696577                          To apply on-line
15/16th Nov                                  Co. Meath                                 Sat 9am to 5pm                                                          
22/23rd Nov                                                                                  4 day course

As well as the above courses a Level 2 course will be starting on week-end of the 14th/15th September in Athlone IT with places still available for the JUMPS and THROWS module and can be applied for online.

A level 3 course will start on the 30th October and all detailed information can be found on the Coaching tab on the AAI website or from Jacqui Freyne at

Many thanks,

Regards for now,

Bart Rogers
Regional Development Officer
Athletics Ireland

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Venues and dates for Meath 2013 Cross country

Meath Athletics Board has announced the dates and venues
 for its 2013 cross country championships.

Sunday 6th October, Greenanstown, Stamullen: even ages, novice and masters.(Star of the Sea AC

Sunday 13th October, Freyne, Athboy: uneven ages and intermediate.(Fr Murphy AC)

Sunday 3rd November, Bohermeen, senior, juvenile cc relays (Bohermeen AC)

Start time 12 noon  on all days.

Clubs are asked to take very careful note of the regulations regarding the novice and masters championships for individual and team entries. These will be circulated with the entry forms to clubs in the coming weeks.

2014 Meath dates announced

The September meeting of Meath Athletics Board has approved permits for the following club events over the next year.

Please circulate among your club members.

  • 27 Dec 2013 @ 12 noon, Navan AC, 6km Claremont Stadium.
  • 2 March @11 am, Bohermeen AC half marathon and 5km.
  • 30 March @ 3pm, Dunboyne AC 4 miles.
  • 5 April @ 12 noon, St Brigids AC 5km hill run,( inc. County HR C/ship) Mullaghmeen.
  • 13 April @ 12 noon, :Lismullen 10km in conjunction with Tara AC.
  • 20 April @12 noon, Fr Murphy AC 5 mile (inc County C/ship) Kildalkey.
  • 20 April Cushinstown AC track and field meeting at Kilmoon off N3.
  • 13 May @ 8.30pm Star of the Sea AC, 5km at Stamullen 
  • 20 May @ 8pm Na Fianna AC 5km (Bob Heffernan Memorial) Johnstownbridge.
  • 30 May @ 8pm Navan AC, 8km (Simon Cumbers Memorial 10th) Claremont.
  • 7 June @ 7.30pm Bohermeen AC 5km (Patrick Bell Memorial).
  • 13 June @ 8pm Trim AC Braveheart 5km trail, Porchfields, Trim.
  • 21 June @ 7.30pm Dunshaughlin AC 10km (Michael Manning Memorial).
  • 2 July @ 8pm, South O Hanlon AC 5km Seneschalstown.
  • 16 July @ 8pm St Brigids AC 5km Oldcastle.
  • 8 August @ 8pm Fr Murphy AC 5km Athboy.
  • 17 August @ 10am Duleek & District AC 10km, Duleek.
  • 22 August @ 7.30pm, Rathkenny AC 5km.
  • 29 August @ 7.30pm Tara AC 5km, Skryne.
  • 7 September @ 12 noon, Bohermeen AC 5 mile (Rennicks Cup).
  • 14 September @ 11am, Ratoath AC 5km.
  • 28 September @ 11am, Star of the Sea AC cross country, Greenanstown, Stamullen.
  • 7 October @ 11am, St Brigids AC schools cross country Ballinacree, Oldcastle.
Subject to AAI ratification.