Friday, May 25, 2012

Meath Relay Championships 4x100m

Meath 4x100m relay championships at Claremont Stadium, Navan 25 May 2012. Girls U9 1st Cushinstown A, 2nd Ratoath A, 3rd Cushinstown B Boys U9 1st Ratoath, 2nd Cushinstown Girls U10 1st Dunboyne, 2nd Ratoath A, 3rd Fr Murphy Boys U10 1st Cushinstown, 2nd Tara, 3rd Ratoath Girls U11 1st Navan A, 2nd Ratoath A, 3rd Dunboyne Boys U11 1st Tara A, 2nd Ratoath, 3rd Cushinstown Girls U12 1st Ratoath A, 2nd Dunshaughlin, 3rd Ratoath B Boys U12 1st Cushinstown, 2nd Star of the Sea, 3rd Bohermeen Girls U13 1st Bohermeen A, 2nd Cushinstown, 3rd Na Fianna A. Boys U13 1st Bohermeen, 2nd Cushinstown, 3rd St. Brigids Girls U14 1st Navan, 2nd Cushinstown A, 3rd Rathkenny Boys U14 1st Tara A, 2nd Dunshaughlin, 3rd Bohermeen Girls U15 1st Navan, 2nd Cushinstown, 3rd Dunshaughlin Boys U15 1st Ratoath, 2nd Cushinstown, 3rd Tara Girls U16 1st Dunshaughlin, 2nd Na Fianna Boys U16 1st Cushinstown, 2nd Ratoath Junior Women 1st Cushinstown, 2nd Na Fianna, 3rd, Navan Junior Men 1st Ratoath, 2nd Cushinstown, 3rd Bohermeen Senior Ladies 1st Navan, 2nd Cushinstown, 3rd Na Fianna Senior Men 1st Ratoath, 2nd Cushinstown, 3rd Bohermeen A

Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos from county championships

Selection of photos form Day 3 of Meath track and field championships held at Claremont Stadium, Navan on Sunday 20 May 2012.

Meath track and field 20 May 2012

Senior Men 200m 1st Niall Matthews (Navan) 3000m 1st Luke Fords (Dunboyne 2ndLoughloin Campion (St Andrews) 3rd Robert Caffrey (St Brigids) 1st Team Dunboyne 2nd Bohermeen Javelin 1st Conan Campion (St Andrews) 2nd Barry Kirwan (Navan) Masters Men 200m 1st Peter Doherty (Ratoath) 2nd Brian O Connor (Fr Murphy) 3rd Don Mahon (Trim) 3000m 1st David O Connell (Bohermeen) 2nd Tony ONeill (Dunboyne) 3rd Don Mahon (Trim) Javelin 1st Denis Delaney (Dunboyne) Junior Men 200m 1st Niall Flannagan (Cushinstown) 2nd Abraham Zaidan(Ratoath) 3rd Fergal O Hare (Na Fianna) 3000m 1st Thomas Moran (Dunshaughlin) 2nd Robert Tully (SOS) 3rd Jack McGowan (Bohermeen) Javelin 1st Andrew Murtagh (Navan) Triple Jump 1st Danial O Hanlon (Dunboyne) U18 Boys 110m Hurdles 1st Oisin Foley (Dunshaughlin) 2nd Eoghan Mitchell (MoynalvyKilcvloon) Tom Gannon (Ratoath) Long Jump 1st Oisin Foley (Dunshaughlin) 2nd Andrew Buttner (St Andrews) 3rd Niall Cronyn (Dunboyne)
U16 Boys Walk 1500m 1st Eoin Reynolds (Cushinstwon) 200m1st Luke McCable (Cushinstwown) Aaron Kealy (dunshuaghlin) 3rd Darragh Clarke (SOS) 100m Hurdles 1st Shane Joyce (Cushinstonwn) 2nd Sean McCann (Cushinstown) 800m 1st Shane Joyce (Cushinstown) 2nd Ivan Maher (Ratoath) 3rd Luke McCabe (Cushinstown) Triple Jump 1st Shane Joyce (Cushinstown); 2nd Lukek McCabe; 3rd Conor Flanagan (Cushinstown) Shot Putt 1st Shane Joyce (Cushinstwon) 2ND Luke McCabe (Cushinstwon) 3rd Eoin Reynolds (Cushinstwon) High Jump U15 Boys 80m Hurdles 1st Caoilelan O Flaherty (Dunboyene) 2nd Eoin Monaghan (Bohermeen) 3rd Padraig Caffrey (Dunboyne) 200m 1st Ewen McCabe 25.3 (Navan) 2nd Peter Honer(Trim) 3rd Caoilean O Flaherty (Dunboyne) 800m 1st Sean Tuite (Bohermeen) 2nd Sam Butlet (Dunsahughlin) 3rd Ciaran Crowther (St Andrews) Javelin 1st Eoin Monaghan (Bohermeen) 2nd Mark Daly (Na Fianna) 3rd Adam White (Cushinstown) Long Jump 1st Caoilean O Flaherty (Dunboyne) 2nd Padraig Cagney (dunboyne) U14 Boys 1500m Walk 1st Jarlath Jordan (Tara) 75m Hurdles 1st James Finnerty (Tara) 2nd Eoin Rooney (Navan) 3rd Francis Marry (SOS) 200m 1st Mark Shelly (Fr Murphy) 2nd Jack Hedrington (Dunshaughlin) 3rd James Finnerty (Tara) 800m 1st Kevin McGrath (Bohermeen) 2nd Alex Hunter (Ratoath) 3rd Dillon Dixon (Na Fianna) Shot Putt 1st Rian Kealy (Dunshaughlin) 2nd Leon Clarke (na Fianna) 3rd Danial Flynn (St andrews) High Jump 1st Rian Kealy (Dunshaughlin ) 2nd Danial Flynn (St Andrews) 3rd Michael Mahon (Trim) U13 Boys 60m Hurdles 1st Charlie Keogh (SOS) 2nd Ciaran Kearns(Tara) 600m 1st Shane Hanley (St Brigids) 2nd Evan Butler (Dunshaughlin) 3rd Charlie Keogh (SOS) Javelin 1st Gearoid O Brien (Bohermeen) 2nd Conor O Halloran (Rathkeny) 3rd David O Neill (Trim) Discus 1st David O Neill (Trim) 2nd Gearoid O Brien (Bohermeen) Shot Putt 1st Conor Cagney (Dunboyne) 2nd Conor O Halloran (Rathkenny 3rd Luke Mahon (Trim) U12 Boys 60m Hurdles 1st Mark Joyce (Cushinstown); 2nd Cian McBride (Bohermeen); 3rd James Gavin (Dunboyne 600m 1st Jack Hillard (Bohermeen) 2nd Aaron Getty (St Brigids) 3rd Owen Kealy (Dunshaughlin) Ball Throw 1st Dominic McCabe (Cushinstwon) 2nd Colin Hawdon (St Brigids) 3rd Kian McBride (Bohermeen) High Jump 1st Cian McBride (Bohermeen) 2nd Josh Costigan(Dunboyne) 2rd Mark Joyce (Cushinstown) U11 Boys 60m 1st James McCann (Cushinstown) 2nd Niall Morland ((Cushintown) 3rd Niall Finnerty (Tara) Long Jump Boys U10 500m 1st Tom Kilgannon (Ratoath) 2nd Conor Leane (Dunboyne) 3rd Mark Leane (Dunboyne) Boys U9 60m Fionn Drummond (Ratoath) 2nd Scot O Halleran (Rathkenny) 3rd Darragh Kinnane (Dunboyne) Long Jump 1st Fionn Drummand (Ratoath) 2nd Scott O Halloran (rathkenny) Liam Keogh (SOS) SENIOR WOMEN Javelin 1st Orla O Donnell 25.75(Fr Murphy) 2nd Sohie Kennedy (Navan) Masters Women 3000m 1st Mary Hanley (Na Fianna) 2nd Imelda Clarke (Na Fianna) Team 1st Na Fianna Javelin 1st Jean Daly (Cushinstown)
Junior Women 200m 1st Laura Dempsey (Trim) 2nd Rachel Smyth (Dunboyne) 3rd Ciara Jackson (Na Fianna) 3000m 1st Ciara Rooney (Navan) 2nd Alison Daly (Na Fianna) 3rd Laura Farrell (Fr Murphy) Triple Jump 1st Niamh Reynolds (Cushinstown) Javelin 1st Niamh Lister (Navan) 2nd Orla o Donnell (Fr Murphy)_ 3rd Niamh Reynolds (Cushinstown) Girls U18 100m Niamh Reynolds (Cushinstown) 2nd Bronagh Fanning (Cushinstown) High Jump 1st Bronagh Fanning (Cushinstwon) 2nd Niamh Reynolds (Cushinstown) Long Jump 1st Niamh Reynolds (Cushinstown) 2nd Bronagh Fanning (Cushinstown) U16 Girls 80m Hurdles 200m 1st Laura Henegan (Na Fianna) 2nd Ciara Hennegan(na Fianna) 3rd Elizabeth Clarke (Na Fianna) 800m 1st Ailsling O Hare (Na Fianna) 2nd Sarah Armstrong (Bohermeen) 3rd Aoife Holton (Na Fianna) Shot Putt 1st Kelly Brady (Bohermeen) 2nd Emma Coffey (Na Fianna) 3rd Aoife Byrne (Dunboyne) U15 Girls 80m Hurdles 1st Elizabeth Morland (Cushinstown) Rose Finnegan (Bohermeen) Ashling O Flynn (Navan) 200m 1st Elizabeth Morland (Cushinstown) 2nd Ashling Oflynn (Navan) 3rd Shona Lister (Navan) 800m 1st Rose Finnegan |(Bohermeen) 2nd Sophie O Brien (Dunshaughlin) 3rd Ellen Rooney (Fr Murphy) Javelin 1st Orna Reynolds (Cushinstown) 2nd Aoife Alyward (Dunboyne) High Jump 1st Elizabeth Morland (Cushinstown ) 2nd Orna Reynolds (Cushinstown) 3rd Allanah Gonsalves |(Trim) Long Jump 1st Elizabeth Morland (Cushinstwon) 2nd Ashling O Flynn(Navan) 3rd Orna Reynolds (Cushinstown) U14 Girls Walk 1500m 1st Jane Battersby(Cushinstown) 75m Hurdles 1st SineadReynolds (Cushinstown) 2nd Claire Tuite (Cushinstown) 200m 1st Sinead Reynolds (Cushinstown) 2nd Rachel Huljsdens (Dunshaughlin) 3rd Olwyn Halligan (Rathkenny) 800m 1st Niamh Hand (Navan) 2nd Rachel Hulljsdens (Dunshaughlin) 3rd Martha Reidy (Fr Murphy) Shot Putt 1st Caoimhe Doyle (Cushinstown) 2nd Sinead Reynolds (Cushinstwon) 3rd Olwyn Halligan (Rathkenny)
U13 Girls 60m Hurdles 1st Zoe Mohan (Cushinstown) 2nd Deidre Murray (Na Fianna) 3rd Abbie Timmons(St Andrews) Javelin 1st Shauna White (Cushinstown) 2nd Sarah Daly (Na Fianna) 3rd Zoe Mohan (Cushinstown) Discus 1st Sarah Clarke (Na Fianna) 2nd Sarah Daly (Na Fianna) 3rd Ashling Bird (na Fianna) Long Jump 1st Zoe Mohan (Cushinstown) 2nd Hannah Tully (SOS) 3rd Sarah Clarke (Na Fianna) U12 Girls 60m Hurdles 1st Sarah Wall (Dunboyne) 2nd Niamh Ryan (SOS) 3rd Maeabh Hanrahan (Navan) 600m 1st Tara Hedrington (Dunshaughlin) 2nd Molley McNamara (Dunshaughlin) 3rd Sarah Wall (Dunboyne) Shot Putt 1st Aoife Lenehan (Cushinstown) 2nd Olivia Gonsalves (Trim) 3rd Laura Power (Ratoath) Long Jump 1st Sarah Wall (Dunboyne) 2nd Tara Hetherington (Dunshaughlin) 3rd Maeve Hanrahan (navan) U11 Girls 600m 1st Aoibheann Ni Fharathy (Dunboyne) 2nd Hannah Rooney (Fr Murphy) 3rd Tara Gallagher (Navan) Ball Throw 1st Aibhe Doyle (Cushinstown) 2nd Emma Coroner (Ratoath) 3rd Deidre keogh (SOS) High Jump 1st Tara Gallagher (Navan) 2nd Orlaith Quinn (Cushinstown) 3rd Saoirse Love (Navnan) U10 Girls 60m 1st Karla Kealy(Dunshaughlin) 2nd Doireann Ni Fhlathra (Dunboyne) 3rd Ella Healy (Ratoath) Long Jump 1st Doirenna NiFhlathra(Dunboyne) 2nd Emma Regan (Na Fianna) 3rd Katie Lennehin (Cushinstown) Girls U9 500m Amiee Doherty (Ratoath) 2nd Nora Clarke (Na Fianna) 3rd Molly White (Cushinstown) Ball Throw 1st Niamh Cahill (Cushinstown) 2nd Megan Clarke (Tara) 3rd Niamh Quinn (Cushinstown)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dunboyne AC updates

11th May - Navan Simon Cumbers 6km. Two of our runners were participating at the race. David Galbraith 22:10 Emilia Dan 23:00 13th May - Prague Marathon Paul Gory finished the Prague Marathon in a time of 3:32:38. Well done Paul. 14th May Dunboyne AC's young throwers in good form Michael Hanlon threw the 5kg Hammer 58.28m on Saturday in the Meath Co Championships held in Dunboyne on Saturday. This exceeds the Carding Standard of 57m for a 17 year old so he joins James Mc Cabe as another Dunboyne AC carded athlete! James threw consistently over 64m with a 6kg Hammer so is getting closer to the World Junior Standard of 66.2m . Caiman Dunne threw 53m and was please as he is studying hard forleaving cert at the moment. Special word of thanks and appreciation go to their coaches Phil Conway and George Ayers and training partner/mentor Padraig White Leinster Schools - Santry 16th/19th May 2012 Michael Hanlon, Belvedere College completed an excellent double when winning both the Intermediate Boys Hammer with a throw of 57.32m and the Intermediate Boys Discus with a throw of 46.49m. Caiman Dunne, Belvedere College won the senior boys hammer, throwing 54.98m. Also winning gold was Darragh Costigan, St Peters Dunboyne in the Intermediate Boys High Jump, jumping a new PB of 1.83m. Competing for Belvedere College, Eoin Sweeney won the silver medal in the Junior Boys Hammer, throwing 39.81m. Also competing was Rachel Smith, St Peters Dunboyne who was 5th in the senior girls 400m. Dublin Graded Meeting 2 - Irishtown 16th May 2012 In the Men's Triple jump, Daniel Hanlon finished 3rd with a jump of 10.33m. His brother Michael finished 3rd in the Men's discus, throwing 44.57m. Leinster Schools Championships - Santry 16th/19th May 2012 Michael Hanlon, Belvedere College completed an excellent double when winning both the Intermediate Boys Hammer with a throw of 57.32m and the Intermediate Boys Discus with a throw of 46.49m. Caiman Dunne, Belvedere College won the senior boys hammer, throwing 54.98m. Also winning gold was Darragh Costigan, St Peters Dunboyne in the Intermediate Boys High Jump, jumping a new PB of 1.83m. Competing for Belvedere College, Eoin Sweeney won the silver medal in the Junior Boys Hammer, throwing 39.81m. Also competing was Rachel Smith, St Peters Dunboyne who was 5th in the senior girls 400m. Leinster Combined Events Championships - Greystones 20th May 2012 In the Boys U16 Combined events, Darragh Costigan came in 1st place with the following performances Long Jump 5.46, Shot Putt 9.58, High Jump 1.84m, 100m Hurdles 15.68s, and 800m. Meath County championships - Navan 20th May. Under 9 Boys Darragh Kinnane 3rd 60m Under 10 Boys Conor Leane 2nd 500m *Mark Leane 3rd 500m Under 10 Girls Doireann Ni Fhlatharta 1st Long Jump 2nd 60m Under 11 Girls Aoibhin Ni Fhlatharta 1st 600m Under 12 Boys Josh Costigan 2nd High Jump *James Gavin 3rd 60m Hurd Under 12 Girls Sarah Wall 1st Long Jump, 1st 60m Hurd, 3rd 60m Under 14 Boys Conor Cagney 1st Shot Putt Under 15 Boys Caoilean O Flatharta 1st 80m Hurd, 1st Long Jump, 3rd 200m *Padraig Cagney 2nd Long Jump 3rd 80m Hurd Under 18 Boys Niall Cornyn 2nd 800m 3rd Long Jump Under 18 Girls Rachael Smith 2nd 200m Junior Daniel Hanlon Triple Jump 1st Mens Luke Forde 1st 3000m Team Event Mattie McGrath Cup Dunboyne 1st- Luke Forde, Rory Kavanagh, Neville Reilly and Morgan McDonagh

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dunboyne Reports

Thanks to Dunboyne AC for this comprehensive report of their recent activities. All clubs are welcome to send similar reports for inclusion on this blog. Contact meathathletics at 13th May - Meath Country Track and Field Championships - Navan Junior Men James McCabe 1st Hammer Senior Men Morgan McDonagh 1st 400m, 3rd 1500m Masters Men Michael Cornyn 1st 400m, 1st 1500m 6th May - Summerhill 10K Rory Kavanagh came 3rd in the Summerhill 10K last Sunday with a very impressive 34.46 - well done Rory! Gerry O'Reilly was in next for DAC, placing 20th with 42.12 - a great time from this relatively new runner. Ray Mitchell ran an excellent 46.40 followed by Roisin Bell in 49.02. Dunboyne AC had 3 runners in this years Wexford Half Marathon. First home for the club was Alan McKernan (21st place) in an excellent 1:26:20. Next was Scott Willoughby (76th place) in a new PB of 1:34:37, well done Scott. Michael Baile finished 154th also picking up a new PB in the process. Michael ran 1:42:52, great running Michael May 6th - Boyne 10K Paul Gorey 41.13, Deirdre Fitzsimons 44.54 and Warren McIntyre 41.03 (PB) ran in the Boyne 10K on May 6th. Paul and Warren pushed each other hard at the end with Paul pipping Warren to the finish line. Diedre won her category and was 6th overall in the womens event. Coming soon : * Dunboyne AC Torch Run Festival, a 24Hours Torch Relay Run all around the village starting Friday 22nd June 5pm and finishing on Saturday 23rd June (after Mass). Dunboyne AC are inviting club members & their families to run a leg(s) of this relay to raise funds for our Social Services. Show you care about your neighbours, who are down on their luck and donate on the day also if you can. If you're training for a marathon, why not treat this as your long run ? Prize of 200Eur for the athlete who does the longest, consecutive run/lap repeats ! For further information, contact Mark Blackwell on 087 2580686 or Seamus Dunne on 086 3131046 . * Dunboyne AC will raise funds for the club on Saturday 23rd June, 9pm. A live local band will be playing upstairs in Slevins (Dunboyne) directly after the Torch Run. Entry : 10Eur (finger food included). For further information, contact Mark Blackwell on 087 2580686 or Seamus Dunne on 086 3131046 .


Na Fianna Athletic Club hosts BOB HEFFERNAN 5K ROAD RACE Tuesday 22nd May 2012 @ 8pm Registration & parking at the Hamlet Court Hotel Johnstownbridge, Enfield, Co Meath Men Ladies Bob Heffernan trophy Credit Union cup First 4 across the line First 4 across the line First 2 masters First 2 masters Over 40, 45, 50, 55 & 60 Over 40, 45, 50, 55 & 60 First 3 Juniors First 3 juniors First 3 teams of 3 First 3 teams of 3 Leo McKenna memorial award to first over 55 home. Entry fee €15 adults, €10 juniors on line & on the night. Register on line at: Sponsored by Enfield Credit Union & Hamlet Court hotel To facilitate chip timing and avoid queues for race nos we ask you to pre enter Refreshments and race video afterwards. AAI permit granted. Incorporating Meath road race series. Contact Lena 046 9541580

Sunday, May 13, 2012

National League

National League Entry Form for the National League can be found on AAI Web Site under Competition Dates: June 10th Antrim, Tullamore,July 22nd. Santry, Athlone August 19th Tullamore Closing Date 1st June.

Navan AC 6km 2012 results

Results from Navan Simon Cumbers 6km 2012 By Precsison timing Time Name Bib no: 19:28 Robbie Matthews 101 19:50 Mark O'Shea 145 19:55 Paul glesson 273 20:17 Sean Murphy 297 20:27 Patrick O'Grady 139 20:39 Kieran Peters 215 20:41 Paddy Mangan 97 20:41 David O'Connell 181 20:53 Ciaran O Dwyer 276 21:17 Cormac Minnock 249 21:30 Brian Rodgers 221 21:36 Adrienne Jordan 254 21:36 Adam Carey 199 21:50 Niall Foley 198 21:51 Paddy Moore 125 21:55 Derek Hunter 79 22:00 Jack McGowan 113 22:07 David Carey 200 22:10 David Galbraith 59 22:10 Fiona Mahon 196 22:18 Aidan Swan 217 22:19 Sir Ronan Carley 20 22:32 Benny Byrne 16 22:36 Colm Reilly 211 22:38 David O'Brien 137 22:38 Paul Sullivan 194 22:39 Enda Markey 302 22:43 Don Mahon 96 22:47 Paul Reilly 151 22:47 Martin Mooney 216 22:53 Alan Macken 250 22:54 Mary Hanley 70 22:56 Imelda Clarke 25 22:57 Paul Mc Guinness 104 22:59 Declan Butler 252 23:00 Emilia Dan 37 23:06 Gerry McEneaney 304 23:06 Ian Donagh 39 23:10 Declan Monaghan 123 23:12 Paul Kearns 286 23:14 Michael Maher 203 23:21 John Canning 295 23:22 Stuart Marry 283 23:22 Dermot Farrelly 209 23:27 Bridget Clarke 24 23:31 Linda Fahy 220 23:34 Eamonn O'Neill 142 23:36 Brendan Dunne 253 23:43 Barry Harten 296 23:44 David Gough 190 23:47 Eoin Feeley 274 23:47 Chris Keeling 82 23:50 Des Feeley 49 23:50 Mary Watters 178 23:56 Ursula Byrne 17 23:59 Karen Lavelle 88 24:01:00 Stephen Bateson 2 24:02:00 Nathan Marry 100 24:05:00 Tommy brady 214 24:06:00 Mark Melia 271 24:07:00 Peter Hearty 74 24:07:00 Sean Campion 212 24:08:00 Christopher Carolan 21 24:08:00 Lucy D' Arcy 272 24:18:00 Luke Fox 58 24:19:00 Shane Duffy 222 24:20:00 Barry Watters 177 24:21:00 Marion Doherty 251 24:23:00 Charlie O'Brien 268 24:30:00 Tommy Clarke 201 24:33:00 Nuala Reilly 149 24:35:00 Kim Feeley 50 24:38:00 Liam Bromley 184 24:41:00 Conor Cooney 28 24:43:00 Michael McFadden 205 24:52:00 Jonathon Kinsella 87 24:55:00 Ciara Rooney 155 24:57:00 Mark Lynam 94 25:01:00 Louise Kierons 185 25:05:00 Niall Bonnar 7 25:06:00 Linda Gunning 213 25:09:00 Kealan Gormley 307 25:11:00 Barry Blake 4 25:14:00 Eileen Rehill 207 25:21:00 Martin Broghan 219 25:24:00 Rosemary Hutcheson 81 25:25:00 Ann Hunter 78 25:29:00 Maureen Getty 61 25:33:00 John Clarke 223 25:36:00 George Fox 57 25:40:00 Stephen Heskin 75 25:43:00 Conor Daniel 186 25:47:00 Pat Sheridan 163 25:48:00 Maurice Hackett 67 25:49:00 Barry Englishby 202 25:59:00 Claire Smith 168 26:00:00 Simon Lawlor 89 26:00:00 Mags Nugent 132 26:01:00 Pat Owens 146 26:01:00 Adrian Gogarty 64 26:01:00 Rhys Bruce 14 26:01:00 Shay Clarke 26 26:11:00 David Doyle 42 26:16:00 Frank McCarthy 243 26:17:00 Jackie Fitzsimmons 238 26:18:00 Paul Barrell 1 26:18:00 donal gauagan 287 26:19:00 Paul Duffy 248 26:27:00 David Carolan 255 26:27:00 Colm O'Brien 136 26:35:00 Liam Farrell 48 26:43:00 Conor Glesson 240 26:45:00 Helen Cheshire 188 26:49:00 Breda Clifford 27 26:59:00 Therese Coffey 293 27:03:00 Deirdre Farrell 47 27:04:00 Judith Mc Kenna 106 27:04:00 Yasmin Canning 19 27:06:00 Liam Callaghan 18 27:09:00 Michael O'Keeffe 141 27:12:00 Gearoid O Connor 247 27:15:00 Bridget Daly 189 27:17:00 Barney Flannery 192 27:21:00 Garon Duff 197 27:24:00 Ian Bruce 13 27:33:00 Fiona Murphy 128 27:33:00 Oliver Segal 159 27:36:00 Bridget Reilly 294 27:40:00 Paul Smith 169 27:46:00 Shane McHugh 116 27:50:00 Cathal O'Reilly 144 27:52:00 Michelle McKiernan 118 27:56:00 Majella Thompson 173 27:59:00 John Forde 55 28:01:00 Nicola Welsh 179 28:05:00 Marie Reilly 148 28:08:00 Bernadette Casserly Nash 278 28:10:00 Robbie Byrne 314 28:12:00 Kate Costello 30 28:13:00 James Mulvanney 303 28:14:00 John Kenny 281 28:14:00 Marion Morris 126 28:15:00 Neil Sokay 312 28:27:00 Paul Hetherington 76 28:32:00 Sinead Brady 10 28:36:00 Peter Curran 231 28:49:00 Sharon Monaghan 208 28:50:00 Fergal McKeever 117 28:51:00 Aim�E Corcoran 29 28:56:00 Declan Murtagh 282 29:03:00 Suzanne Forde 56 29:04:00 Ronan O Connor 133 29:10:00 Siobhan Shortt 166 29:15:00 Enda Reddan 147 29:19:00 Kathy Feeney 51 29:20:00 Anne Young 180 29:23:00 Rachel O'Brien 267 29:24:00 Christine Brennan 204 29:31:00 Margaret McAuley 258 29:35:00 Siobhan Dowling 41 29:36:00 cora bennett 288 29:42:00 Declan Sheridan 161 29:45:00 Angela Gallagher 317 29:47:00 Anita Rogers 154 29:56:00 Olivia Kealy 230 30:00:00 Michael Corkery 242 30:05:00 Melanie Carolan 22 30:09:00 Michael Staunton 170 30:16:00 Ciara Horgan 277 30:19:00 Joan O'Brien 270 30:40:00 Ali Boland 5 30:41:00 Benny Sheridan 310 30:52:00 Mary Lynn 257 30:53:00 Neil Donnellan 40 30:59:00 Niall O'Hagan 140 31:02:00 Gillian Victory 176 31:02:00 Kerry McHugh 115 31:02:00 Linda MacKey 95 31:03:00 Eimear Loughran 93 31:04:00 Liam Fox 256 31:07:00 Adrienne Togher 174 31:09:00 Simon Mc Cabe 102 31:21:00 Jim Dwyer 224 31:22:00 Martina O`connor Dyas 135 31:43:00 Muireann Broderick 12 31:53:00 Olwyn Branigan Curran 11 31:58:00 Tom Anglinn 264 31:59:00 Suzanne Mc Cabe 103 32:03:00 Mary Boland 6 32:14:00 Mary Toner 175 32:16:00 Mary Ward 263 32:20:00 Emma McQuaile 119 32:22:00 Deirdre Shine 165 32:25:00 Hugh Reddy 195 32:26:00 Niamh Lister 92 32:29:00 Adrian McLoughlin 183 32:33:00 Kate Hutcheson 80 32:34:00 Martina Miskelly 122 32:34:00 Jennifer Brady 9 32:35:00 Erin McHugh 114 32:42:00 Claire Coyne 32 32:48:00 Jackie Dyas 44 32:48:00 Michelle Tallon 172 32:53:00 Rose Healy 218 32:56:00 Joe Brogan 289 32:56:00 Paul Clarke 290 33:01:00 Caroline Gough 313 33:10:00 Bryan Russell 156 33:17:00 Brenda Greally 239 33:35:00 Sara Noonan 131 33:36:00 Colin Cuffe 33 33:37:00 Annemarie Gaughan 60 33:38:00 Paul Carroll 23 33:40:00 Karen Killoran 86 33:40:00 Aileen McGowan 111 33:43:00 Sandra Connolly 235 33:47:00 Rosaleen Harlin 72 34:03:00 Ollie White 306 34:03:00 Emer Hussey 262 34:16:00 Karen Mc Kernan 107 34:22:00 Ita Corbett 193 34:22:00 Alicja Nagvszewska 316 34:22:00 Paul Geraghty 315 34:32:00 Laura McCabe 108 34:37:00 Mary Olson 241 34:39:00 Claire Dixon 38 34:51:00 Siobhan Stafford 182 35:06:00 Nuala Tully 225 35:13:00 Edel Mulligan 127 35:13:00 Raymond Cully 34 35:13:00 Audrey Reinhardt 266 35:18:00 Marion O'Grady 187 35:36:00 Jane Jameson 265 35:45:00 John O'Regan 143 35:46:00 Ruth Healy 73 35:51:00 Doreen Doggett 191 35:57:00 Dymphna Fegan 311 36:00:00 John Kennedy 84 36:01:00 Aidan O'Connor 138 36:06:00 Ann Leonard 90 36:16:00 Susan Callan 259 36:17:00 Deirdre Kennedy 83 36:31:00 Therese Egan 45 36:31:00 Clodagh Fitzharris 53 36:40:00 Cathy O'Brien 269 36:40:00 Siobhan Burke 15 36:46:00 Eilish Carolan 275 36:46:00 Doireann Reilly 237 36:49:00 Deborah Carlon 285 37:00:00 Helen Potterton 300 37:31:00 Sarah Kielty 85 38:02:00 Priscilla Mangan 98 38:18:00 Caroline O'Dowd 234 38:33:00 Annette Brady 8 38:42:00 Liz Leavy 206 38:43:00 Aisling Shankey 160 38:52:00 Mary Behan 3 39:01:00 Derek Lister 91 39:03:00 Sharon Mangan 99 39:04:00 Lisa Potterton 301 39:08:00 Niall Salmon 158 39:13:00 Annette O Donnell 229 39:13:00 Edel Fay 292 39:22:00 Patricia Sheridan 227 39:39:00 Sharon Divilly 246 40:10:00 Hannah Heskin 210 40:10:00 Charlotte Brennan 236 40:12:00 Claire Ryan 157 40:12:00 Deirdre Doyle 284 40:26:00 Eileen Finnegan 52 40:27:00 Joanne Gribbin 66 40:42:00 Gavin PJ Quinn 232 40:52:00 Tanya Farrelly 226 41:06:00 Aideen Mc Keigue 105 41:11:00 Robert Magee 305 41:52:00 Maree Geraghty 279 42:51:00 Eimear Ni Dhubhlainn 130 42:51:00 Karen Traynor 228 42:53:00 Justina Rigney 152 43:06:00 Caoimhe Reilly 233 43:34:00 Michael Gibson 62 43:36:00 Deirdre Gingles 63 43:37:00 Gill Hanlon 71 43:43:00 Colette Mooney 124 44:07:00 Fiona Drews 43 45:53:00 Collette Geraghty 280 46:02:00 Leo Sheridan 244 46:02:00 Elizabeth Sheridan 245 46:11:00 Andrea O Hare 134 47:58:00 Gwen Byrne 260 47:59:00 Liam Byrne 261 48:26:00 Louise Cumbers 308 49:33:00 Miriam Sheridan 309 52:55:00 Miriam Kinsella Byrne 298 52:57:00 Anna-Marie Kinsella 299 57:23:00 Martin Meegan 121 57:23:00 Paddy Reilly 150 57:24:00 Jean Fagan 46 57:25:00 Patricia McDonnell 110 01:00:50 Finola Sullivan 171 01:00:54 Edith Daly 36 01:01:00 Patricia Cox 31 01:01:00 Teresa Murray 129 01:03:24 Grace Doyle 291

Meath Track and Field championships Sunday 12th & 13th May

There was a great turnout for the first two days of the Meath track and field championships over the weekend. Dunboyne AC at Rooske was the venue on Saturday for the hammer and discus events and the athletes took the benefit of the best of the weekends weather. On Sunday morning the javelin throwers got into action in the early morning at Claremont stadium for a packed programme of events. The recently formed Rathkenny Athletic club got off to a winning start in their debut at the county championships with a victory in the under 13 60m for Ruairi Searle.
Meath Track and Field championships Sunday 12th & 13th May SENIOR MEN 100m 1st Robert Whelan,Navan. 400m;1st Morgan McDonagh Dunboyne 1500m;1st Darragh Rennicks Bohermeen 4.05.8 2nd Loughlin Campion St Andrews 3rd Morgan McDonagh Long Jump, 1st Robert Whelan,Navan AC. Hammer 1st J. Hutchinson, SOS,2nd Cian Gardiner,Fr Murphy. Masters Men 100m; 1st P Doherty,Ratoath,2nd B O’Connor,Fr Murphy.3rd P. Flood, St Brigids. 400m;1st Michael Cornyn Dunboyne 2nd Paul Flood St Brigids 3rd Brian O Connor Fr Murphy 1500m;1st Micheal Cornyn Dunboyne 2nd Mick Priest Fr Murphy Long Jump;1st P Doherty,Ratoath, 2nd P Flood, St Brigids. Shot Putt;1st C Street, Dunboyne,2nd P Joyce,Cushinstown, 3rd P Hanily,Fr Murphy Hammer; 1st P Hanily,Fr Murphy,2nd T Toner,St Andrews,3rd P Reilly, St Andrews. Discus; 1st P.Hanily, Fr Murphy,2nd P.Joyce Cushinstown.3rd P.Street,Dunboyne. Junior Men 100m 1st N Flanagan, Cushinstown,2nd S Aston, Trim. 1500m1st Thomas Moran Dunshaughlin Discus; 1st S. Aston Trim 32.56. 2nd C. Heffernan Na Fianna Long Jump;1st N Flanagan, Cushinstown,2nd S Aston, Trim. High Jump;1st Jamie Murtagh St Andres 2nd Shane Aston Trim Shot Putt;1st S Aston, Trim,2nd C Heffernan,Na Fianna. Hammer,1st J McCabe,Dunboyne,2nd C.Dunne,Dunboyne,3rd C Heffernan Na Fianna. 56Weight; 1st C Heffernan,Na Fianna. Steeplechase;1st A. Coscoran,SOS Boys under 18 100m;1st A. Coscoran,SOS 2nd J.Wallace,Ratoath,. 3rd R. Hunter, Ratoath. 400m;1st Niall Cornyn Dunboyne 2nd Peter Heaney Bohermeen 3rdConor Daniel Trim 1500m;1st Rob Tulley SOS 2nd Andrew Cosvcoran SOS 3rd Dillon Brady St Andrews High Jump;1st Jamie Murtagh St Andrews 2nd Donal Kearns, Tara Discus;1st Michael Hanlon, Dunboyne, 2nd N Cornyn, Dunboyne,3rd,O.Walsh,Trim Hammer 1st Michael Hanlon, Dunboyne, 2nd G Kelly, St Andrews,3rd N Jennings Dunshaughlin. Javelin;1st J Fox, Bohermeen. Shot Putt; 1st G Kelly,St Andrews, 2nd R.Tully,SOS. 3rd N Cornyn,Dunboyne. Boys under 16 100m,1st L McCabe,Cushinstown, 2nd A.Kealy,Dunshaughlin, 3rd D.Clarke,SOS. 1500m;1st C.McCarthy Ratoath 2nd B.Clarke Na Fianna 3rd Ivan Maher,Ratoath. Long Jump1st Darragh Costigan Dunboyne 2nd Shane Joyce Cushinstown 3rd Keith Marks Cushinstown Discus; 1st S.Joyce,Cushinstown, 2nd L.McCabe,Cushinstown.3rd S McCann,Cushinstown. Hammer;1st E Sweeney,Dunboyne 2nd T Reidy,Fr Murphy,3rd S Joyce, Cushinstown. High Jump;1st Darragh Costigan Dunboyne 1.73 2nd Keith Marks Cushinstown 3rd Eoin Reyonlds Cushinstown Javelin;S Joyce, Cushinstown,2nd L McCabe,Cushinstown,3rd E.Reynolds,Cushinstown. Boys under 15 100m;1st N Grant,Trim,2,P. Honer,Trim,3rd E.McCabe,Navan. 1500m;1st E.Smyth Tara 2nd S.Tuite Bohermeen 3rd P.Marron Ratoath High Jump; 1st C. O’Flaherty,2nd D. Jackson,Na Fianna. 3RD P.Gill,Na Fianna. Hammer1st M Daly,Na Fianna, 2nd C.Leech, Na Fianna 3rd C.Lynch, Na Fianna Discus;1St C.O’Flaherty,Dunboyne. Shot Putt;1st H.Coscoran,SOS.2nd A. White,Cushinstown, 3rd C.O’Flaherty,Dunboyne. Boys Under 14 80m 1st M.Shelly, Fr Murphy, 2nd J Hetherington, Dunshaughlin, 3rd C.O’Dowd,Tara. 1500m.1st Alan Monaghan Bohermeen 2nd Paddy Maher Dunshaughin 3rd Alex Hunter Ratoath Hammer;1St Ian Taylor,Dunboyne, 2nd K.Tiernan.Fr Murphy. Javelin 1st Fergal O’Keane.2nd Kyle Gallagher, Navan.3rd Ben Love, Navan. Long Jump;1st Mark Sheely Fr Murphy 2nd Leon Clarke Na Fianna 3rd Padriag Lavain Dunboyne Boys under 13 60m;1st Ruairi Searle,Rathkenny;2nd S Hanley,St Brigids, 3rd P.Finnerty,Tara. High Jump1st D Tully, Cushinstown, 2nd T Thornton, Dunboyne 3rd G O’Brien,Bohermeen, LongJump1st Daniel Tully, Cushinstown 2nd Shane Hanley, St Brigids 3rd Ruairi Seale, Rathkenny Boys under 12 60m;1st J. Hilliard, Bohermeen, 2nd C. Kreische, SOS. 3rd N. Smullen,N Fianna. 1st M. Joyce, Cushinstown,7.70 2nd C. McBride, Bohermeen, 3rd D, McCabe. Cushinstown. Long Jump;1st Mark Joyce Cushinstown 2nd Jack Hillard, Bohermeen 3rd Cian McBride Bohermeen Boys under 11 600m;1st Niall Morland Cushintown 2nd Shane Smith Tara 3rd Niall Finnerty Tara High Jump 1st J. McCann, Cushinstown,2nd P. Bourke, Dunboyne, 3rd S. Clarke, Na Fianna. Ball Throw;1st G. Browne Tara.2nd S .O’Connor, Dunshaughlin, 3rd S. Clarke, Na Fianna. Boys under 10 60m;1st B. Reilly Tara, 2nd T. Kilgannon. Ratoath, 3rd K. Cahill Cushinstown. Long Jump; 1st K. Cahill Cushinstown. 2nd T. Hanrahan, Navan, 3rd C. Flanagan Tara Boys under 9 500m; 1st F. Drummond, Ratoath, 2nd C.O Connor, Dunshaughlin 3rd L. Keogh SOS, Ball Throw 1st C.O’Connor Dunshaughlin. 2nd F. Drummond Ratoath, 3rd, S. O Halloran Rathkenny,
Senior Women 100m;1st Sophie Kennedy High Jump;1st Karen Dunne Bohermeen 2nd Laura Farrell Fr Murphy Long jump;1st Karne Dunne Bohermeen 2nd Emma Foley Trim 3rd L Farrell Fr Murphy Hammer;1stMichelle Pilkington Street Shot Putt;1st Michelle Pilkington Street Weight;1st Michelle Pilkington Street Junior Women 100m;1st Karen Dunne Bohermeen 2nd Emma Foley Trim 400m;1st Karen Dunne Bohermeen 1500m;1st Rachel Neary Na Fianna 2nd Laura Farrell Fr Murphy Hammer;1st Grainne Meegan Fr Murphys Steeplechase;1st Alison Daly Na Fianna Longjump;1st Karne Dunne ,Bohermeen 2nd Emma Foley,Trim 3rd Laura Farrell, Fr Murphy High Jump;1st Karen Dunne’ Bohermeen ‘2nd Laura Farrell, Fr Murphy 3rd Niamh Reynolds Cushinstown Shot;1st Grainne Miggin, Fr Murphy Weight ,1st Graine Miggin, Fr Murphy Master Women 100m;1st Caroline Vanddangeren Ratoath 400m;1st Margaret Neary Na Fianna 1500;1st Imelda Clarke, Na Fianna 2nd Linda Gunning, Bohermeen 3rd Margaret Neary, Na Fianna Hammer;1st Moira Aston,Trim 2nd Jean Daly,Na Fianna 3rd Betty Cunningham,Dunboyne Shot Putt;1st Jean Daly Na Fianna 2nd Moira Aston Trim 3r Betty Cunningham Weight;1st Jean Daly Na Fianna 2nd Betty Cunningham Dunboyne Shot;1st Jean Daly 2nd Moira Aston Trim 3rd Betty Cunningham Dunboyne Gilrs under 18 100m;1st Rachel Smith Dunboyne 2nd Niamh Reynolds Cushinstown 3rd Ciara Jackson Na Fianna 400m;1st Rachel Smith Dunboyne 2nd Alison Daly Na Fianna 1500m;1st Ciara Rooney Navan 2ndLaura Farrell Fr Murphy 3rd Niamh Reynolds Cushinstown Javelin;1st Orla O Donnell, Fr Murphy, 2nd Niamh Reynolds, Cushinstown 3rd Sarah Fox, Bohermeen Shot;1st Niamh Reynolds, Cushinstown, 2nd Bronagh Fanning, Cushinstown 3rd Sarah Fox, Bohermeen Hammer;1st Alison Daly, Na Fianna Discus;1st Laura Daly Na Fianna 2nd Alison Daly Na Fianna Girls under 16 100m 1st Niamh Hetherington, Dunshaughlin 2nd Ashling O hare Na Fianna 3rd Laura Hennegan Na Fianna 1500m 1st Ashling O Hare Na Fianna 2nd Sarah Arnmstrong Bohermeen 3rd Elizabeth Clarke Na Fianna Javelin 1st Kelly Brady Bohermeen 2nd Aoife Byrne Dnboyne 3rd Orla Farrell Na Fianns Long Jump 1st Ashing O Hare Na Fianna 2nd Martha Dinneen Rathkenny 3rd Elizabeth Clarke NaFianna High Jump 1st Sarah Armstrong Bohermeen Discus;1st Emma Coffey Na Fianna 2nd Kelly Brady Bohermeen 3rd Aoife Byrne Dunboyne Hammer;1st Kelly Brady Bohermeen 2nd Emma Coffey Na Fianna 3r Oral Farrell Na Fianna Girls under 15 100m;1st Ashling O Flynn Navan 2nd Shona Lister Navan 3rd Ciara Maguire Na Fianna 1500m;1st Rose Finnegan Bohermeen 2nd Sophie O Brien Dunshaughlin 3rd Ellen Rooney Fr Murphy Shot Putt;1st Ciara Maguire Na Fianna 2nd Orna Reynolds Cushinstown 34rd Aoife Aylwood Dunboyne Discus;1st Ciara Maguire Na Fianna 2nd Aoife Alywood Dunboyne 3rd Rachel Walsh Na Fianna Hammer;1st Ciara Maguire Na Fianna 2nd Rachel Walsh Na Fianna Gilrs under 14 80m;1st Ailbhe Leahy, Navan 2nd Clare Tuite, Cushinstown 3rd Olwyn Halligan Rathkenny 1500m;1st Niamh Hand, Navan 2nd Aine O Connor, Ratoath 3rd Martha Reigy, Fr Murphy Long Jump;1st Sinead Reynolds, Cushinstown 2nd Michaela Forde, Na Fianna 34rd Claire Tuite, Cushinstown High Jump;1st Sinead Reynolds, Cushinstown 2nd Jessica Knox Dunboyne 3rd Niamh Hand Navan Javelin;1st Shannon Sheehy, Cushinstown 2nd Caoife Doyle, Cushinstown 3rd Sinead Reynolds, Cushinstown Discus; 1st Caoimhe Doyle Cushintown 2nd Ciara Sheridan Fr Murphy 3rd Niamh Fox Bohermeen Girls under 13 60m ;1st Molly Fitzgerald, Bohermeen 2nd Zoe Mohan, Cushinstown 3rd Hannah Tully SOS 600m;1st Amy Clarke, Na Fianna 2nd Sarah Clarke, Na Fianna 3rd Laoise McDermott, Navan Shot Putt;1st Zoe Mohan Cushinstown 2nd Molly Fitzgerald, Bohermeen 3rd Aine Carr, Bohermeen Hammer;1st Sarah Daly, Na Fianna Girls under 14 600m;1st Tara Hetherington Dunshaughlin 2nd Jane Larkin Dunshaughlin 3rd Molly McNamara Dunshughlin High Jump;1st Sarah Wall Dunboyne 2nd Aoife Lenehan Cushinstown 3rd Meadbh Hanrahan Navan Ball Throw;1st Molly McNamara Dunshaguhlin 2nd Sarah Wall Dunboyne 3rd Meadbh Hanrahan Nava Girls under 11 60m;1st Tara Gallagher, Navan ,2nd Emma Coroner, Ratoath, 3rd Hannah Rooney Fr Murphy Long Jump;1st Tara Gallagher, Navan, 2nd Saoirse Love, Navan ,3rd Aoibheen Ni Fhlatharta GIRLS U10 500m;1st Doirenn Ni Fhlatharta, Dunboyne, 2nd Carla Kealy, Dunshaughlin, 3rd Sophie Murray, St Andrews Ball throw;1st Katie Lenehan, Cushinstown, 2nd Katelyn McMahon, Cushinstown 3rd Doirna Ni Fhlatharta Dunboyle GIRLS U9 60m;1st Tiana Reegan Simpson, Cushinstown, 2nd Nora Clarke, Na Fianna, 3rd Amy Doherty, Ratoath Long Jump;1st Abi Cheety, Cushinstown, 2nd Molly White ,Cushinstown, 3rd Niamh Quinn,Cushinstown

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Competition secretary advice RE county cships

Late entries are still being taken by the Sports Development Office in Claremont. There will be 'late entries' on the day of competition up until 10.30am only, and entries on the day must be made by club officials and not parents as we need officials to varify Date of Birth for athletes. A few clubs still have to name their offiicals for days of competition, please forward these names to Sports Development Office or myself asap. Thanking you in advance of a great weekend of sport. Lisa O Dowd Competition Secretary

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fixtures Updated

Please see the updated fixture list as of the county board meeting on 2nd of May. Note that Day 3 of the Inter Club League is now fixed for Wednesday 20th June at 7pm in Claremont and that there are two new road races to the calendar namely Cushinstown 6k on the 25th July at 7.30pm in Pudden Hill and Ratoath AC 5k on Sunday 16th September at 2pm. There are now 19 open events hosted by Meath Clubs ( 2 T&F Sports and 14 road races with one each of Hill Running, Trail Running and Cross Country). The beach run is caught out by the tides for dates in July but I will revisit both the tide-tables and our fixture list to see if I can find a possible date. Look at the Leinster Athletics website for closing dates etc for their championships and entry forms. For Day 2 & 3 of the T&F Championships in Claremont Stadium there will be breakfast served for officals from 9.30am. All late entries have to be done by a club offical and there will be no late entries accepted for any events after 10.30am in Claremont Stadium on both the 13th & 20th of May as decided at last night's County Board Meeting. These rules will be strictly adhered to. Day 4 of the Meath Championships namely the relays is on Friday 25th May. Athletes for the first relay of the evening will have to be assembled for 6.45pm so that we can start the event sharp at 7pm. I have also attached a spreadsheet with both Meath and Louth permitted races (road, trail, T&F and cross country). As you can see there are enough of fixtures on the list to keep all athletes happy and there should be no need for any club member to run in non-permitted events. Also I would urge you run in a club organised race before any other race as they provide vital funds for club finances and we should support those that develop the sport of athletics within each county. Regards, Brendan Meade 12.05.11 Simon Cumber & Paddy Hyland 6k Road Race Navan AC 12.05.18 Blackrock Beach Races Blackrock AC 12.05.22 Bob Heffernan 5k Road Race Na Fianna AC 12.06.09 Patrick Bell Memorial 5k Road Race & Fun Race Bohermeen AC 12.06.15 The Braveheart 5k Trail Run Trim AC 12.06.16 5k Road Race Alzheimer's Charity 12.06.23 Michael Manning 10k Road Race & Fun Run Dunshaughlin Ac 12.06.29 Dundealgan 5km Road Race Dundealgan AC 12.07.01 Integral Clogherhead 10k Road Race 12.07.04 South O'Hanlon 5k Road Race & Fun Run South O'Hanlon 12.07.18 St. Brigid's AC 5k Road Race & Fun Run St. Brigid's AC 12.07.25 Cushinstown AC 6k Road Race & Fun Run Cushinstown AC 12.08.03 Carlingford 5k Road Race Glenmore AC 12.08.12 Dunleer 4Mile Road Race Dunleer AC 12.08.12 Boyne AC Open T&F Sports Boyne AC 12.08.19 Blackrock AC Road Race Blackrock AC 12.08.19 Ardee Open T&F Sports Ardee & District AC 12.08.19 Slane AC 5k & 10k Slane AC 12.08.24 Tara AC 5K Road Race & Fun Run Tara AC 12.09.02 Navan AC Annual T&F Sports Navan AC 12.09.09 Rennicks Cup & Fr Delany 5 Mile Road Race & Fun Run Bohermeen AC 12.09.16 Ratoath AC 5k Road Race & Fun Run Ratoath AC 12.09.23 Star of the Sea AC 23rd Annual Cross Country Meeting Star of the Sea AC 12.10.21 Glenmore Cross Country Races Glenmore AC

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Arms Race !!!

Hi everyone, Per below, we are trying to compile a list of all Starters & Starter Assistants within Leinster and would be grateful if each County Board would please forwarded details of all Starters & Starter Assistants within their County - details to include: Name: Contact No.: Email Address: Starter Gun & Gun Licence held: Yes / No. Thanks to all who have already responded. Yours in Sport, Martin J Heery Leinster Secretary

Meath secondary schools track and field 2012

Boys U14 100m: 1. Nathan Grant – Boyne C.S; 2. Stephen Shaw – Ratoath College; 3. Stephen Dolan – O’Carolans, Nobber. Girls U14 80m: 1. Tara Turner – O’Carolans, Nobber; 2. Adeola Ojomo Amaka – Wilson School; 3. Hosahna Okafor – Our Lady’s Greenhills, Drogheda. Boys U15 100m: 1. Izzy Akinnraye – O’Carolan, Nobber; 2. Luke McCabe – St. Mary’s Drogheda; 3. Ben McEntire – St. Pats, Navan. Girls U15 100m: 1. Niamh Hetherington – Dunshaughlin C.C; 2. Lisa Cooke – Eureka, Kells; 3. Aisling O’Flynn –St. Michael’s Loreto Navan. Boys U17 100m: 1. Ciaran Corrigan – O’Carolans, Nobber; 2. Mervyn Harris – Wilson School; 3. Conor Redmond – St. Mary’s Drogheda. Girls U17 100m: 1. Vitera Harris –Wilson School; 2. Laura Heneghan – Scoil Mhuire, Trim; 3. Ciara Heneghan – Scoil Mhuire, Trim. Boys U19 100m: 1. Eamonn Wallace – Ratoath College; 2. Conor Dolan – St. Peters Dunboyne; 3. Niall Flanagan – Ashbourne C.S Girls U19 100m: 1. R. Smith – St. Peters Dunboyne; 2. Emma Foley – Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. Ciara Lacey – St. Michael Loreto, Navan. Boys U14 500m: 1. Peter Kilgannon – Ratoath College; 2. Alan Monaghan – St. Pats; 3. James Finnerty – St. Pats. Girls U14 500m: 1. N. Williams – St. Peters, Dunboyne; 2. Aoife Russell – Sacred Heart Drogheda; 3. E. O’Byrne – St. Peters Dunboyne. Boys U15 800m: 1. Se├ín Tuite – St. Pats; 2. Shane DeCourcey – St. Marys Diocesan, Drogheda; 3. Luke Slater – Dunshaughlin C.C Girls U15 800m: 1. Caoimhe Eivers – Scoil Mhuire, Trim, 2. H. Donnelly – St. Peters, Dunboyne; 3. Amy Troy – Scoil Mhuire Trim Boys U17 800m: 1. Brian McGrath – St. Pats; 2. Jim Marry – St. Marys Diocesan, Drogheda; 3. Stephen Sutton – St. Peters Dunboyne. Girls U17 800m: 1. Amy McTeggart – Our Lady’s College, Drogheda; 2. Aisling O’Hare – Scoil Mhuire, Trim; 3. Aisling Cassidy –St. Michael’s Loreto. Boys U19 800m: 1. Oisin Foley – Dunshaughlin C.C; 2. Fergal O’Hare – Boyne C.S, Trim; 3. Gavin McCoy – Dunshaughlin C.C Girls U19 800m: 1. Alison Daly – Scoil Mhuire, Trim; 2. Aine Brennan – Dunshaughlin C.C; 3. Catrina Kennedy – Dunshaughlin C.C Boys U14 1100m: 1. Alan Monaghan –St. Pats; 2. Brendan Lacey – St. Pats; 3. Philip Marron- Ratoath College. Girls U14 1100m: 1. Sophie O’Brien – Dunshaughlin C.C; 2. Aoife Russell – Sacred Heart Drogheda, 3. Orlagh Moyles – Dunshaughlin C.C Boys U15 1500m: 1. Eoin Smith – St. Pats; 2. Ciaran McCarty – Ratoath College; 3. Brian Conreil – St. Pats Girls U15 1500m: 1. Caoimhe Eivers – Scoil Mhuire Trim, 2. Rebecca Matthews – Our Ladys College Drogheda 3. A. Coyne – St. Peters Dunboyne Boys U17 1500m: 1. Andrew Coscoran – St. Mary’s Drogheda; 2. Gavin Maher – Dunshauglin C.C; 3. M.Buckley – St. Peters Dunboyne. Girls U17 1500m: 1. Ciara Rooney St. Michael’s Loreto Navan; 2. Niamh Gallogly Dunshaughlin C.C; 3. C. Drum St. Peters Dunboyne. Boys U19 1500m: 1. Michael Flood Olcastle; 2. Conor O’ Brien Dunshaughlin C.C; 3. Aidan Wall Dunshaughlin C.C Girls U19 1500m: 1. Alison Daly Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. Cheyenne O’ Brien Dunshaughlin; 3. Aine Brennan Dunshaughlin. Boys U14 4x100m Relay: 1. St. Pats Navan; 2. Dunshaughlin C.C; 3. Ratoath College. Girls U14 4x100m Relay: 1. Sacred Heart Drogheda; 2. O’ Carolan College Nobber; 3. Dunshaughlin C.C. Boys U15 4x100m Relay: 1. Dunboyne C.C; 2. St. Pats Navan; 3. Dunshaughlin. Girls U15 4x100m Relay: 1. Dunshaughlin C.C; 2. St. Peter’s Dunboyne; 3. Scoil Mhuire Trim. Boys U17 4x100m Relay: 1. O’ Carolan College Nobber; 2. St. Peters Dunboyne; 3. Ratoath College. Girls U17 4x100m Relay: 1. St. Peters Dunboyne; 2. Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. Dunshaughlin C.C. Boys U19 4x100m Relay: 1. Ratoath College; 2. St. Peters Dunboyne; 3. Dunshaughlin C.C. Girls U19 4x100m Relay: 1. Our Lady’s College Greenhills; 2. Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. Dunboyne . Boys U14 Long Jump: 1. James Cherry Dunshaughlin C.C; 2. Ross Treacy St. Pats Navan; 3. Kalvin Tore Kells C.S. Girls U14 Long Jump: 1. Shannon Sheehy Loreto Navan; 2. Shona Lister St. Josephs Convent; 3. Niamh Williams St. Peters Dunboyne. Boys U15 Long Jump: 1. Keith Marks Ashbourne C.S; 2. Ben Mc Entaggart St. Pat’s; 3.Shane Joyce Ashbourne C.S. Girls U15 Long Jump: 1. Ashling O’ Flynn St. Michael’s Loreto Navan; 2. Elizabeth Morland Dunshaughlin; 3. Eimear O’ Brien Dunshaughlin C.C Boys U17 Long Jump: 1. Ciaran Corrigan O’ Carolan College Nobber; 2. Daragh Costigan St. Peters Dunboyne; 3. Cillian Farrelly O’ Carolan College Nobber Girls U17 Long Jump: 1. Aoife O’ Neill St. Peters Dunboyne; 2.Megan O’ Brien Dunshaughlin C.C 3.Ciara Heneghan Scoil Mhuire Trim. Boys U19 Long Jump: 1. C. Doran St. Peter’s Dunboyne; 2. Ian Malone O’ Carolan College Nobber; 3. Niall Flannigan Ashbourne C.S Girls U19 Long Jump: 1. Emma Foley Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. Claire Mc Lerenan Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. R. Smith St. Peters Dunboyne. Boys U14 High Jump: 1. Matthew Oaentar St. Peters Dunboyne; 2. Daniel Sloggett St. Peters Dunboyne; 3. Naoirse Myler O’ Carolan College . Girls U14 High Jump: 1. Niamh Kelly Sacred Heart Drogheda; 2. Shannon Sheehy St. Michael’s Loreto Navan; 3. Lauren O’ Sullivan St. Peter’s Dunboyne Boys U15 High Jump: 1. Keith Marks Ashbourne C.S; 2. Jordan Leech St. Mary’s Diocesan Drogheda; 3. Shane Joyce Ashbourne C.S Girls U15 High Jump: 1. Elizabeth Morland Dunshaughlin C.C; 2. Amy Coyne St. Peter’s Dunboyne; 3. Amy O’ Hara St. Peter’s Dunboyne. Boys U17 High Jump: 1. Darragh Costigan St. Peters Dunboyne; 2. Donal Kearns Dunshaughlin; 3. Luke Sheridan O’ Carolan College. Girls U17 High Jump: 1. Amy Mc Teggart Our Lady’s College Greenhills; 2. Sarah Armstrong Eureka Kells; 3. Charlotte O’ Donnell St. Michael’s Loreto Navan. Boys U19 High Jump: 1. Shane Aston Boyne C.S; 2. Conor Doran St. Peters Dunboyne Girls U19 High Jump: 1. Brona Fanning Our Lady’s College Greenhills; 2. Emma Foley Scoil Mhuire Trim, Claire Mc Lernon Scoil Mhuire Trim; 3. C. Murray St. Peter’s Dunboyne. Boys U14 Shot Putt: 1. Cian Twomey St. Pats Navan; 2. Fiachra Finegan St. Pats Navan; 3. John Mc Loughlin St. Pats Navan. Girls U14 Shot Putt: 1. Heather Rogers Our Lady’s College Greenhills; 2. Antonina Tcacenca Ratoath College; 3. Roselyn Eyoessien Wilson School. Boys U15 Shot Putt: 1. Charlie Mc Garry St. Pats Navan; 2. Shane Joyce Ashbourne C.S; 3. Matthew O’Aentar St. Peter’s Dunboyne. Girls U15 Shot Putt: 1. Emma Coffey Scoil Mhuire Trim; 2. Sarah Ennos Ratoath College; 3. Ciara O’ Leary St. Peters Dunboyne. Boys U17 Shot Putt: 1. Ahana Kingsley Wilson School; 2. Andrei Batog St. Peters Dunboyne; 3. R. Killeen,& M. Gallagher St. Peters Dunboyne. Girls U17 Shot Putt 4kg: 1. Kelly Brady Kells C.S; 2. Chloe Tevlin Kells C.S; 3. Katie Oliver Eureka Kells Boys U19 Shot Putt: 1. Diarmuid Rogers St. Pats Navan; 2. Daniel Buckley Wilson School; 3. Dylan Doyle Ratoath Colege. Girls U19 Shot Putt: 1. A. Kennedy St. Peters Dunboyne; 2. Brona Fanning Our Lady’s Greenhills; 3. Chloe Coyne St. Peters Dunboyne.