Friday, May 10, 2013

Throwing events at Fr Murphy AC

Meath AAI Championships 2013

Fr. Murphy AC

Fraine, Athboy

Day 1 May 11th 2013



10.00am U/13 Girls Hammer 2.5kg

U/13 Boys Hammer 2.5kg

U/14 Girls Hammer 2.5kg

U/14 Boys Hammer 2.5kg

U/15 Girls Hammer 2.5kg

U/15 Boys Hammer 3.25kg

U/16 Girls Hammer 3.25kg

U/16 Boys Hammer 4.00kg

U/17 Girls Hammer 3.25kg

U/18 Girls Hammer 4.00kg

U/18 Boys Hammer 5.00kg

1.00pm Junior/Sen/Mas 35-49 Ladies Hammer 4.00kg

Masters 50+ Ladies Hammer 3.00kg

Sen/Mas 35-49 Men Hammer 7.26kg

Junior/Masters 50-59 Men Hammer 6.00kg

Master 60-69 Men Hammer 5.00kg

Master 70-79 Men Hammer 4.00kg

Master 80+ Men Hammer 3.00kg


U/18 Girls Discus 1.00kg

U/18 Boys Discus 1.50kg

Junior/Sen/Mas Ladies Discus 1.00kg

Sen/Mas Men Discus 2.00kg

Mas 50+ Men Discus 1.50kg

Mas 60+ Men Discus 1.00kg

Junior Men Discus 1.75kg

Weight for Distance

Senior & Master 35-49 Mens WFD 56lb

Junior & Masters 50-69 Mens WFD 35lb

Masters 69+ Mens WFD 28lb

Jun, Senior Masters Ladies WFD 28lb

The in-field area must be kept clear at all times.

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