Friday, May 10, 2013

Meath AAI Championships 2013

Meath AAI Championships 2013

Day 2May 12th 2013

Claremont Stadium Navan

Track Events


10.45am Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies & Men 3000m Steeple Chase


11.00am U/09 Girls 60m Heats

U/10 Boys 60m Heats

U/11 Girls 60m Heats

U/12 Boys 60m Heats

U/13 Girls 60m Heats

U/13 Boys 60m Heats

U/14 Girls 80m Heats

U/14 Boys 80m Heats

Finals of 60m & 80m

U/15 Girls 100m Heats

U/15 Boys 100m Heats

U/16 Girls 100m Heats

U/16 Boys 100m Heats

U/18 Girls 100m Heats

U/18 Boys 100m Heats
12.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 100m Heats

Jun/Sen/Mas Men 100m Heats

Finals of 100m

1.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 400m Heats

Jun/Sen/Mas Men 400m Heats

U/18 Girls 400m Heats

U/18 Boys 400m Heats

Finals of 400m


U/09 Boys 500m Heats

U/10 Girls 500m Heats

U/11 Boys 600m Heats

U/12 Girls 600m Heats

U13 Girls 600m Heats

Finals of 500/600m

U/14 Girls 1500m Heats

U/14 Boys 1500m Heats

U/15 Girls 1500m Heats

U/15 Boys 1500m Heats

U/16 Girls 1500m Heats

U/16 Boys 1500m Heats

Finals of 1500m

2.15pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 1500m Heats

Jun/Sen/Mas Men 1500m Heats

U/18 Girls 1500m Heats

U/18 Boys 1500m Heats

Finals of 1500m

Field Events


9.00am U/18 Girls Javelin 600g

U/18 Boys Javelin 700g

U/16 Girls Javelin 500g

U/16 Boys Javelin 600g

U/14 Girls Javelin 400g

U/14 Boys Javelin 400g

9.00am U/16 Girls Discus 1.00kg

U/16 Boys Discus 1.00kg

U/14 Girls Discus 0.75Kg

U/14 Boys Discus 0.75Kg

11.00am U/10 Girls TurboJav 300g

U/09 Boys TurboJav 300g

U/12 Girls TurboJav 300g

U/11 Boys TurboJav 300g

11.00am U/13 Girls Shot 2.00Kg

U/12 Boys Shot 2.00Kg

U/15 Girls Shot 2.72Kg

U/15 Boys Shot 3.25Kg

U/18 Girls Shot 4.00Kg

U/18 Boys Shot 5.00Kg


11.00am U/11 Boys High Jump

U/12 Girls High Jump

U/13 Boys High Jump

U/14 Girls High Jump

U/15 Boys High Jump

U/16 Girls High Jump

U/18 Boys High Jump

U/13 Girls High Jump

1.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies High Jump

Jun/Sen/Mas Men High Jump

11.00am Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies Long Jump

Jun/Sen/Mas Men Long Jump

U/09 Girls Long Jump

U/10 Boys Long Jump

U/11 Girls Long Jump

U/12 Boys Long Jump

U/14 Girls Long Jump

U/14 Boys Long Jump

U/13 Boys Long Jump

U/16 Girls Long Jump

U/16 Boys Long Jump

Finals of track events will be held at heat times as numbers allow

The in-field area must be kept clear at all times.

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