Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Runner appeal for charity event

Folks, Please see correspondence below received today regarding relay run – perhaps you may know someone who would participate in the Meath leg of same. If you are interested in helping out contact Kate at t: 01548 853524 m: 07833 586733 e: kate@endurancelife.com or log onto www.endurancelife.com/realrelay Regards Mary Murphy | Sports Coordinator | Meath Local Sports Partnership | Trim Rd | Navan | Co.Meath 046 9067337 www.meathsports.ie "Sport and physical activity.... a way of life in Meath". Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Meath-Local-Sports-Partnership/282848118409323 From: endurancelife3@gmail.com [mailto:endurancelife3@gmail.com] On Behalf Of kate treleaven Sent: 11 June 2012 12:26 To: Mary Murphy (Local Sports Co-Ordinator) Subject: Real Relay in danger in Ireland! Hi Mary - Thanks for taking the time to speak to me just now. Here's some background on what we're doing and trying to achieve. Two weeks ago we launched an alternative Olympic Torch relay from Land's End, Cornwall. It's called the Real Relay and involves hundreds of runners from across the British Isles following the route of the Olympic Torch but running every step of the way. It's been going 24/7 and has already covered over 1600 miles through South West of England, Wales, Isle of Man and now Northern Ireland. It works very simply by encouraging runners to sign up online at www.endurancelife.com/realrelay to run a stage. Each runner donates £10 to CHICKS charity (providing respite breaks for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds). So far so good, BUT: It looks like at 07:40 tomorrow (Tuesday 12 June) we will reach a chink in our chain of runners in the Meath area. These are the stages that need filling by runners to enable the Real Relay baton to continue on its journey: #186: Slane (N2) to Cushinstown (N2) - (11 miles) - starting @ 07:40 on Tuesday 12 June #187: Cushinstown (N2) to The Ward (N2) - (11 miles) - starting @ 09:30 on Tuesday 12 June #188: The Ward (N2) to Dublin - (10.5 miles) - starting @ 10:20 on Tuesday 12 June Outside of Meath we also have one last remaining stage to be filled: #191 Balbriggan to Drogheda - (11.5 miles) - starting at 16:45 on Tuesday 12 June Stages can be run by individuals or groups (i.e. splitting the stage down into smaller sections for each runner to complete). To keep to schedule, stages must be completed at a pace of 6 miles an hour (10 minutes per mile) which is quite a relaxed running pace. Runners can find more information and sign up online at www.endurancelife.com/realrelay or ring me on +44 (0)1548 853524 / 07833 586733 See also our Facebook page to see how important the Real Relay has become to so many people www.facebook.com/endurancelife Please help by spreading the word far and wide, contact friends who are interested in running and persuade and cajole them to take part. Even contact friends you know who aren't interested in running and ask them to spread the word incase they can reach others who are into running. Everyone who has run a stage of the Real Relay so far has been overwhelming positive saying what a great experience it was. Thanks you and best wishes, Kate -- Kate Treleaven Never, never, never give up. t: 01548 853524 m: 07833 586733 e: kate@endurancelife.com w: www.endurancelife.com Please 'like' Endurancelife and The Live More Lectures on Facebook

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